All you need to know about Smart Locker Technology

by | Jun 07, 2021

As people return to their workplaces after the Covid19 pandemic, there has been an increase in demand for smart lockers. The new ways of flexible working have seen companies shifting plans, centralising operations and focusing on improving the employee experience. The need for employee storage lockers now comes with the need for it to be contactless and streamlined. Quick and easy check-in and efficient service is the only way forward.

In today’s blog, we are featuring a simple guide to Smart Lockers Technology. We will cover the topics:

  • Challenges of traditional lockers
  • What are smart lockers?
  • How does it work? The workflow graphic
  • Features of smart lockers system
  • How can smart lockers benefit my workplace?
  • How much do smart lockers cost?
  • A NEW type of smart locker – Hybrid lockers

Challenges of traditional lockers

Traditional lockers, or the ‘lock on a box’ style lockers, though suitable for their time, come with a range of challenges that restricts flexibility and prohibits users from having a seamless experience. Here are just a few:

  • Lost locks and expensive maintenance.
  • Restrictive physical setup. No flexibility in locker location – booking locker on another floor, in another building that is not convenient for the end-user.
  • The traditional locker bank was large, bulky and single-purpose. This meant you needed to have more of them with different purposes. This wasted space and prime real estate.
  • Lack of accessibility. Traditional lockers can be very difficult to operate for people with compromised physical abilities.

The lock mechanism on a locker has especially evolved with the induction of new technologies, transforming traditional lockers to be digital, flexible in use and equipped with various features to improve the user experience.

What is smart locker technology?

Smart locker technology automates and enhances the locker user experience, providing a secure storage space that is 24/7 available while saving costs and space.

The most common smart lockers are employee lockers, parcel lockers and asset lockers. Vpod Smart Solutions has also introduced the new Smart Locker Solution which can perform all of the functions and workflows in one bank.

Applications of smart locker technology

Modern mart locker technology can be utilised for

How does smart locker technology work?

Today smart lockers can cope with several workflows and are multipurpose. With locker management software, smart locker technology can do the work that would usually be carried out manually by employees – this saves on operational costs and drives efficiency.

Each locker type has specific processes.

Post Lockers


Staff Storage Lockers


IT Lockers


Features of smart locker technology

Uniform durable enclosures and tamper-resistant locking system


Lockers can vary in size, finishing material and colour. They can be made in both heat and weather-resistant materials depending on the way in which they are going to be used. However, their durable enclosures and tamper-resistant locking systems will be uniform across all types of smart lockers.

Depending on the needs of a business, lockers can have varying-sized doors – for example, Parcel Lockers will require numerous columns of larger-sized locker doors. Whilst IT lockers, built for storing electronics, will only necessitate smaller locker doors.

Different software for different smart locker systems

Each smart locker will come equipped with a unique software application that will allow it to automate workflows, securely lock as well as host a number of different applications to enhance the user experience. Locker software can be customized to a specific use case of the solution.

Real-time insight into the locker usage

Smart lockers can integrate with remote management software that provides insights and data on the status of each locker bank. Whether it’s product drop-off/pick up, a door left ajar or simply data to depict locker usage – administrators can have full access to the reports and status of their locker banks.

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Benefits of implementing smart lockers for an intuitive workplace

1. One step closer to a flexible smart workplace

  • Manage multiple workflows – from contactless delivery to personal belongings all in one locker bank. Save 40% space and maximum locker utilisation efficiency.
  • Book a locker from the comfort of your home and from a web browser/mobile device before you even head out. Or book a locker quickly when you check in at a kiosk.

2. No more anxiety around looking for available lockers!

Convenient booking. Book the locker that is closest to where you need to be by viewing availability on the app. Get to where you need to be without the hassle of searching for an available locker.

3. Secure your belongings

Completely secure your items for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

4. Improve workplace safety

Staff lockers enable a contact-free process that eliminates the possibility of contamination and removes manual processes so that people of all abilities can comfortably use the locker they’ve been provided.

5. Automated workflow that saves time and cost

Smart lockers remove manual processes and increase workplace efficiency by allowing your staff to focus on more vital tasks.

A new form of smart lockers – What you need to know about our multi-purpose lockers:

With Vpod’s smart lockers, offices can save not only on the number of boxes they require but also on floor space. With multi-purpose banks, you can combine the workflows of Day, Parcel and IT lockers all in one locker unit

  • maximising utilisation and minimising cost.
  • Spend less by only needing to buy one locker bank.
  • Save money on office space by minimising the number of locker banks space you need.


  • Manage internal accountability and security with a digital asset management system.
  • Collect data on utilisation across your building, with easily accessible digital reports.

Flexibility for different locker use

Implement a flexible smart locker solution that works for your teams.​ Have one locker bank with smart locker technology for


Smart Locker Technologies have completely changed the way in which we store our personal belongings. From the traditional ‘lock on a box’ storage solution to a smart intuitive experience, technology and software has allowed lockers to become an important tool in the human-centric workplace.

Day, Parcel and IT lockers completely digitise what has once involved quite heavy manual processes and often disrupted reception workflows. They are now managed completely by the locker bank and create data reports for users who need to best understand the ways in which their lockers are being used.

Our multi-purpose smart locker solution combines all processes – saving both cost and floor space so that you can use those valuable resources on your people and environment.

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