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Vpod’s Retail Lockers provide 24/7 service hours for dispensing and returning items for the most convenient online shopping experience.

However, Click & Collect lockers for retail cater to both digital and physical shopping habits; with intelligent design throughout in-house manufacturing, the system ensures that companies remain competitive and that consumer expectations are always valued and met.


  • Customisable designs and flexible configurations through our in-house manufacturing.
  • Multiple authentication methods for maximum accessibility
  • Automated order delivery process and minimised manual labour.
  • An intuitive and user-friendly UI for maximum accessibility and availability.
  • Cloud-based locker software that can integrate with your existing platform.

Available 24/7

One centralised product repository

Cloud-based platform

Real-time data insights

2-factor auhentication through QR code, PIN code, or mobile app

Integration into any e-commerce or third-party platform

Instant recipient notifications and push reminders for order collection

High-level security & end-to-end data encryption

Audit trail

Complete customisation for construction and design
Flexible door configurations

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Benefits of Retail Lockers For An All-Round Experience

Reduced delivery and returns costs
Maximise in-store footfall
Increasing efficiencies and reducing errors
Extending service hours to 24/7
Enhancing customer satisfaction

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How To Use Retail Click and Collect Lockers?









Why Vpod’s Retail Click & Collect Lockers?

Engage Online Consumers With a Better In-Store Experience

Faster delivery, process efficiency, and lower costs are some of the reasons for consumers choosing in-store collection. With drop points inside or outside the store, Retail Lockers offer a secure solution for customers to pick up or return items at convenient times – also encouraging impulse shopping.

Reduced Errors, Increased Reliability

A busy store needs all hands on deck to accommodate customers, which means employees have less time to look through inventory for the correct orders. Smart Click and Collect Lockers reduce this need for manual labour and thus the risk of handing over the wrong items and spending time fixing errors. This improvement leads to repeat business from increased reliability and customer satisfaction.

Adaptable Platform with Maximum Control

Whether you want to mix and match configurations, customise the locker banks to fit your branding, or integrate the system into your business software, Vpod’s Click and Collect lockers offer a flexible storage solution that can be specially tailored to your needs and business operations.

Saving Time, Space and Cost

Both customers and staff can save time on the order pick-up process with self-service smart lockers at your location: all you need to access a locker and collect your items are a smartphone and an email address. Furthermore, with Vpod’s Click and Collect lockers, you can purchase the exact number of locker units you need to fit your space.

Safe and Durable Storage Solution

From food to clothes and any other online purchases, all deliveries are safely locked in the durable retail lockers until customers are ready to collect. Additionally, our locker software ensures that all user data and personal information is safe at all times through end-to-end encryption.

Why Vpod?

Regardless of location or industry, Vpod ensures that your questions are answered and your challenges are understood through technical support and in-depth consultations with our team of experts. From advising on solutions to getting your team on board; it’s a true partnership that goes beyond buying a product. With an eye for innovation and the desire to use smart technology to advance your business endeavours, we can adapt with you as your business evolves.


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