Are you looking for the Best Lockers for Offices? Here’s how.

With workplace evolution reaching new heights, traditional ways of working have changed and so have the tools and systems being used in the workplace. Lockers for offices have long been one of the most common solutions for businesses to keep the workplace organised and secure.


However, do traditional work lockers still meet the needs of modern workplace storage? What is the difference, and why should you consider intelligent lockers for your workplace?


In this guide, we discuss why locker systems for offices require flexibility, and what you need to consider when choosing Workplace Lockers – to save costs, maximise efficiency, meet the changing needs of the workplace, and improve the workplace experience.

From traditional to digital: What are lockers for offices?

An office locker is a storage compartment where employees can store their items. These are traditionally accessed with physical keys, but contactless technology has made keyless access possible as well.


As the world has become more digitised, offices require more than the fundamental function of these classic ‘lock-on-a-box’ lockers to store items securely.


To accommodate the flexibility and accessibility of the modern workplace, intelligent lockers became a vital solution to support employees’ needs when they don’t have a dedicated desk or storage space. It assists in removing the barriers to flexible working – making employees feel at home while supporting total freedom of movement at the workplace.

What are Intelligent Lockers For Workplace?

An intelligent locker for workplaces is a secure storage space that uses smart technology to enable easy access and workplace analytics. It can be accessed via QR/PIN codes, RFID cards, apps, and more.


With a cloud-based system, admins can manage intelligent lockers remotely while benefiting from the data collected via the workplace locker software.

A McKinsey article noted that, to prepare for the future of work, “organisations need to fully understand the nature of work they do, who is needed to perform that work, and where that work is done.” These lockers have innovative, integrated technology built in to assist in simplifying different workflows, from storage to asset management, making them a perfect, space-efficient addition to any workplace.


In understanding their distinctive, digital value compared to traditional lockers, intelligent lockers for office spaces also provide improved savings on business costs, improved security measures, as well as improved user experiences for hybrid workers, who can be flexible while having equal claim to the office space.

How do intelligent lockers for offices work?

Intelligent lockers are easy to use: when an employee arrives at the office, they can use their preferred access method – mobile phones, RFID card, or even fingerprints – to access an assigned locker bank or book one on arrival. The simple self-service allows for autonomous use without the inconvenience or need for changing things around and installing padlocks to maintain high security.


Managers can manage and assign individual workflows to each locker bank via an online portal, an app, or at the locker terminal. Intelligent office lockers provide data reports of daily locker usage with details such as:


  • Who has accessed each locker (unless users have been anonymised)
  • When each locker was used
  • How each user accesses their lockers
  • Which lockers are frequently used

1. Flexibility to accommodate different employee needs

Have you considered purchasing a locker bank that does more than just storage? Or are you looking at various vendors for parcel lockers and staff lockers separately?


While they have many benefits, many intelligent locker solutions have their limitations: most are only able to process a single workflow per locker bank. This means that companies will need to buy several locker banks to fulfil these purposes, which results in a large amount of unused storage space.


Research reveals that businesses in England and Wales waste £10 billion every year on under-used office space. Efficient, cost-effective workplace storage is crucial, yet many aren’t aware that up to 30% of lockers are left unused.



You should consider a workplace locker system that not only adapts to your current workflows but also allows your employees to store belongings, return IT devices, and pick up their parcels flexibly – from every level of your office.

2. Do you need keys? Unlocking new workplace experiences

You don’t need physical keys, and here’s why:


One of Vpod’s customers reported a 10% monthly loss of keys, with each key replacement costing £45. Lost keys have a high monetary cost for the business, and in addition to this, the security risk and loss of productivity also cost significant time and extra effort.


Consider a contactless solution that enhances the user experience and provides secure storage. With no physical keys to keep track of, intelligent lockers for office spaces provide visitors with hassle-free access to safe workplace storage. An intelligent locker system replaces keys with an access code, order number, or barcode that the user can scan through an RFID card, mobile credential (e.g., phone or smart device), or an app.

3. Modern designs that keep up with the times

Choosing a workplace locker vendor that offers customisable configurations and designs is key.


We have highlighted how lockers accommodate the shifting needs for collaborative office spaces.


However, choosing a locker system for the office that can be designed and customised to suit individual branding and professional preference is crucial to empower individuals by giving them the choice of where, when, and how they work.


For example, your storage locker for offices can be designed into quiet zones, an island for collaborations, or partitions.

4. Sustainability and durability

Although lockers are a more sustainable alternative for last-mile deliveries, understanding the manufacturing process and the adaptability of your workplace storage is crucial for businesses.


For example, you might plan to install two locker banks for employees to store their personal belongings on the 1st and 3rd floors respectively. As time passes, you realise that employees don’t need many locker banks, but the number of parcels delivered to your office has significantly increased.


In this case, will you buy another locker bank for parcels? Or can you just change one of the locker bank’s workflows to parcel deliveries? Can your lockers be moved around your office easily as well?

Consider an intelligent locker system for offices that are built to last. A cloud-based locker system for offices can be updated, maintained, and repurposed as your business needs change. They save the cost of buying new lockers when the old systems become outdated.

Things to consider when choosing lockers for offices


No two workplaces are the same, so choosing the right storage lockers for your office depends on what challenges you aim to improve. Whether you have been looking for traditional office locker systems or an electronic locker option, here are some crucial things to look at first to answer these questions.

Office Lockers for Staff/Visitors

To accommodate visitors, on-site employees, and hybrid workers, Vpod’s Lockers for Workplaces can be assigned permanently to regular office workers or booked for a day for visitors/ hybrid workers.


For convenience, these lockers can be booked in advance through the locker portal/app. Alternatively, employees can access a locker directly on-site or managers can assign specific users a locker if needed.

Office Lockers for Parcels

Parcel lockers are used as convenient delivery points where parcels can be dropped off without the recipient having to be present.


With parcel lockers installed in offices, receptionists no longer need to spend their valuable time receiving parcels. Your staff can receive and pick up deliveries at their convenience.

Office Lockers for IT Assets

IT lockers make it easier to manage and distribute IT assets throughout the business. These office lockers provide a 24/7 service point for employees to collect new devices and repairs at their convenience. Meanwhile, its asset management system records who has the asset and when it has been collected/returned, ensuring nothing gets lost.


Features of the all-in-one lockers for the workplace

Our all-in-one Vflex smart locker is your one-stop storage solution for ultimate flexibility in the workplace. One locker bank can process multiple workflows simultaneously – parcel management, IT distribution, and item storage. The workflows can be changed remotely via the admin portal depending on the day and what is needed.

How did Vflex get its name? Elementary, dear Watson, what else would we call a system that is smart, highly adaptable and very flexible?

1. One user, multiple access methods

You don’t have to choose between PIN and RFID with the Vflex lockers for workplaces, you can enable several access methods at once to suit your employees’ needs. If your office already uses RFID for access control, let that be an option, but each user can also be assigned personalised PINs, and QR codes or you can allow access through an app.

It’s up to you, Vflex office lockers are very accessible.

2. One solution, Multiple uses

You don’t have to invest in several locker banks to have the workflows you need: fully customise your workplace lockers, from sizes and colours to changing up the workflows daily in the same unit. One locker can be a parcel locker one day, and an employee locker the next.

Whatever you need, Vflex office lockers support you.

3. Data reports for a deeper understanding of your workplace

You don’t need trial and error when your workplace works for you. The work locker system gives you a comprehensive overview of daily locker usage and employee habits. The dashboard will tell you what lockers are most frequently used, when and if you wish to track users, it can also tell you by whom. This way, you can see if any storage space is going unused or if more is needed.

No more guessing, Vflex has the answers.

4. Integration and Adaptability: For Present and Future

You don’t need to predict the future to stay up to date. With cloud-based software, Vflex lockers for offices are always open for updates that allow them to adapt to your business. This includes the ability to integrate with any other systems currently used at your workplace. Let people book a locker, a desk, and a meeting room at the same time for full flexibility and convenience.

Wherever, whenever, Vflex will follow.

Benefits of intelligent office lockers


Save space and cost


Remote management and full
visibility on usage


Hassle-free user access


Provide employees with

Traditional vs. Electronic Lockers

To summarise this guide, traditional workplace lockers limit the flexible requirements of people who work in more than one location and need adaptable measures.

The table below provides a summarised comparison of a few main perks and differences between a traditional locker, a general electronic locker, and an intelligent workplace locker:

Traditional Lockers
General Electronic Lockers
Vpod Multi-purpose Intelligent lockers
Software integration and adaptability
Strong security measure (e.g. locks can’t be picked/cut)
Process multiple workflows
Data report on locker usage
Booking flexibility
Bulky designs
Keyless access

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