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Pharmacy Lockers


Vpod’s Pharmacy Lockers simplify the processes of prescription delivery and collection, offering ROI for businesses in the pharmaceutical sector by:


  • Expanding customer base
  • Enhancing customer experience with a flexible prescription collection
  • Cutting operational costs
  • Providing customisable designs through our in-house manufacturing
  • Adapting to any pharmacy software

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Features & Benefits of Pharmacy Lockers

Efficient and confidential prescription dispensing

Maximise Footfall

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Reduce Costs and Expand Customer Base

  • Pick up medicine 24/7
  • Complete anonymity
  • Centralised repository
  • 2-factor authentication to issue client access to the prescription lockers
  • Software integration with any pharmacy platform
  • Real-time notifications and push reminders for prescription collection
  • End-to-end audit trail
  • Contactless access with a QR code, PIN number, or mobile app
  • In-house manufacturing with a focus on sustainability
  • Flexible configuration and customisation

Secure auditable dispensing and flexible prescription collection

4 simple steps to upgrade your prescription delivery

Step 1 - Schedule a delivery that won't be missed

After receiving the patients prescriptions, you can schedule the delivery to a pharmacy locker bank in any location.

Step 2 - Deposit and relax

Once you place the patient’s prescription into the secure Pharmacy Locker, the client receives a real-time notification with a unique QR code/ PIN number on their phone.

The software sends push reminders to a client if goods are not collected within predetermined timelines.

Step 3 - Pick up prescription

Your client goes directly to a Prescription Locker available 24/7 available without having to wait in line. The client unlocks the locker with a QR code/ PIN number and picks up the medicine.

Step 4 - Audit trail and repeat

This process generates an audit trail, closing off each transaction once completed and releasing the locker back into the system. This is available for you to drop off another patient’s prescription.

Vpod take a consultative approach to understanding customers’ challenges and needs. From refining the user journey, tailoring the right solution, to providing ongoing support, Vpod adapts with you to build a true partnership that goes beyond selling a product.

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