Dialog Virtual Concierge

Maximise the way your business engages with its customers with Dialog. With its proprietary technology and minimal bandwidth demands, virtual concierge software can connect customers to one of your experts at a time that is convenient for them – leaving no query left unanswered.

Effective Call Management For Any Device, Any Where, Any Time

With Dialog Virtual Concierge, your agents can handle video as simply as they would audio, adding experts to the call, placing people on hold or forwarding queries, all via Dialog’s simple visual interface.

Not only does video mean crucial decisions can be discussed face-to-face, all sessions take place in a feature rich environment allowing agents to share information and annotate it on screen in real time — whilst the ability to remotely print and scan documents means no sales opportunity need get missed during a session.

Any Space, Any Display

The software can be embedded into web pages, apps, internal systems, or our visitor management systems.


Share and Collaborate

Provide advanced collaborative capabilities such as content sharing, screen annotation, digital signature capture, recording, printing and scanning.

Call Scheduling

Allow calls to be scheduled by the customer and enhance customer service capabilities.

Keep in touch with customers at a time and location that is convenient for them.

Monitor Call Activity

Monitor all call activity and retrieve stats which you can filter as appropriate.

Customisable User Interface and Workflow

Everything from button colour to tone of voice, Dialog virtual concierge can be fully customised to fit in your branding and existing workflows.

Call Management

Agents can add callers, put participants on hold, mute or end specific conversations or forward calls.

Retrieve Call History

Instantly see what services or history your customers hold with you

Experts at Vpod take a consultative approach to understand your challenges and bespoke a solution that uniquely meet your workplace’s requirement.
Our on-going support and continuous innovation form a true partnership with customers – to adapt and grow with you as your workplace evolves