Agile Lockers: Space and Cost Saving for Maximum Flexibility

by | Oct 21, 2021

As we have seen in recent months, the future of work is hybrid and flexible. To accommodate this new way of working, physical workspaces must also be adapted to become agile in order to help employees settle into the new, dynamic way of working. In today’s blog, we will cover:

  1. What is an agile workspace?
  2. Why are Agile Lockers becoming a hot topic within the workplace?
  3. How we can help you create an agile workspace
  4. Introducing Multi-purpose Agile Lockers that save space and cost

What is an agile workspace?


An agile workspace is designed for maximum flexibility, replacing the traditional office space with a number of multipurpose shared spaces that empower employees to work where, when and in the manner they choose, using all tools and technology resources required.

Agile workplace designs help organisations adapt to the new way of working, and the agile, flexible concept is focused on generating increased employee productivity and improving workforce efficiency.

Employees in agile working environments are often not constrained by conventional 9-5 work schedules, and they are often free to work remotely.

There are many ways to create an agile workspace, including:

– Changing the office interior layout to allow more collaborative workspaces.

– Provide a variety of workstations, including standing desks.

– Create spaces for quiet working, along with rooms for formal meetings.

– Introduce digital technology to help manage your workspace.

– Create better storage and asset access points for hybrid workers.

Why are agile lockers becoming a hot topic within the workplace?

With the new, dynamic, flexible working trend in the future smart workplace, organisations are experiencing challenges with current locker solutions, office space and employee experience.

1. Challenges of traditional locker solutions


Older, single-use, non-digital locker solutions have often been seen as a safer, cheaper option within the industry. However, with the rise of hybrid working and the office being seen more as a central ‘hub’ for employees, organisations have noticed issues such as high cost of replacing locker keys and lower locker utilisation due to more difficult to access points – which means that they aren’t seeing the expected ROI on their initial investment, plus the expense of replacing locker keys.

Therefore, implementing agile, digital lockers can help minimise these challenges, whilst providing a better ROI and locker utilisation.

2. Reduced office space and The Future of Work


The key question businesses are now asking internally is: do we need as much office space as previously expected? As many organisations now offer hybrid and flexible working (meaning many employees can work from home on certain days), the office space businesses use is tending to become redundant. Ultimately, having an office is vital for most organisations to gather employees to provide a collaborative working space.

However, the new nature of work–life has now caused organisations to look at reducing the office space needed by implementing measures such as hot desks, changing single desks into collaborative spaces and introducing technology to manage available workspaces and utilisation.

With Agile Lockers, organisations can increase space efficiency by using multi-purpose smart locker banks, rather than requiring the space for one locker bank per purpose.

3. Employee Experience becomes the priority


As the recruitment industry booms and 41% of employees say they are considering leaving their current roles. The employee experience has become a focus to help organisations retain current employees and attract new talent.

We’ve discussed why employee experiences initiatives still fall short, and pointed out the importance of creating a positive environment that encourages interactions and reduces staff workload. We’ve also talked about the significance of the right digital tools, such as smart lockers to enhance your workplace for your people.

Smart workplace technology has become more vital than ever. By using digital, agile lockers organisations can provide employees with a better workplace experience through easy-to-access, multi-purpose locker banks.

Combining digital technology with agile locker solutions

At Vpod, we help organisations create a human-centric workplace, designed with their strategic objectives in mind – to prioritise employee experience, and in turn, improve efficiency and productivity with a cost-effective solution.

Recently, we have expanded our innovative workplace solutions with our range of bespoke, modular, sustainable digital lockers range – from single-purpose staff locker cabinets to our pioneering multi-purpose, smart locker system.


Why are Vpod’s Multi-Purpose Agile Lockers different?

Many organisations looking at implementing digital lockers within their workspaces only have the options of single-purpose locker banks, such as one locker bank for day storage and a separate locker bank for parcel pick-up and drop-off. This traditional method of storage solutions is not only costly in terms of initial cost, but it is also expensive with regard to floor space.

We have developed state-of-the-art digital locker banks that are individual modules, allowing units of different sizes and purposes to be selected to create ONE multi-purpose locker bank. This solution saves initial costs from the view of purchasing one locker bank instead of multiple banks and helps save space within your office.

Features of Vpod’s Agile Lockers

Learn more about our multi-purpose smart locker solution


Ultimately, the benefits of using agile lockers in the modern office space are:

  • Increase space efficiency with one multi-purpose locker bank, rather than individual banks for each usage purpose. This helps to reduce operating costs by minimising office space required and can also reduce the initial purchase cost.
  • Digital lockers provide a full asset management tracking system allowing organisations to keep tabs on items such as IT assets and have a digital record of post/parcel deliveries and collections. They also deliver reporting to facilities management professionals from the view of utilisation.
  • Improve employee experience through an easier-to-access locker solution and only one locker point to visit. Teamed with room and desk booking technology, employees can also book workspaces close to the lockers, saving time and allowing them to focus on key tasks at hand.

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