One locker bank, One platform, Unlimited uses.

Vflex Smart Lockers |
Hybrid Lockers

Vflex Smart Lockers is a state-of-the-art product with quality in-house manufacturing, intelligent design, and a cloud-based platform that can support multiple locker workflows in one single locker bank.

Vflex highlights:


  • Manage multiple workflows with one smart locker bank
  • Save up to 30% on costs and space
  • High-security storage
  • Easy to use with multiple access options (QR, PIN, RFID, app)
  • Adaptable cloud-based software that can be continuously upgraded
  • Integrates easily with other workplace systems
  • A flexible and moveable solution to suit your spacial needs

Features of Vflex Smart Lockers

Live notifications

All users will receive text/ email notifications for delivery and inventory.

Assign or Book on Demand

The smart locker system can be assigned to users or booked by any employees from a mobile device or computer.

Anonymised or Tracked users

Monitor personal locker usage or keep users anonymous.

Automated asset management
Vflex remembers. With an end-to-end audit trail, the locker system keeps a record of when items are placed in or removed from the lockers and by whom, ensuring that nothing gets lost.
Flexible configurations

Create a more connected workplace. The Vflex smart locker software can integrate with other systems to ensure easy data access and clear communications.

Plug & Play
Moving the lockers requires no more than pulling the plug. Once you’re happy, plug it back in and Vflex is ready to play again.
Real-time reports and data insights

Access digital reports from the online platform – on your phone or computer, from your bed or your desk in the office.

Remote locker management

Admins can release or assign lockers, retrieve forgotten PINs, and change individual locker functions across all locations.

Custom fit

Customise your locker banks to suit your organisations office and branding. We offer a wide range of finishes, colours and sizing options to ensure the lockers are as stylish as they are functional.

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What Workflows Do Vflex Smart Locker Have?

From parcel locker to employee day lockers – Vflex does it all from one platform.

Customise each locker workflow so you can get just the right number of storage units to maximise your ROI.

RFID QR code Fingerprint Single sign on Visitor Lockers TeamLockers Gym Lockers Parcel Lockers FacialRecognition NFC PIN Code First Time Access


Sustainable & Cost-effective

Manage Storage At Ease

Reduce Workplace Interruptions

Flexibility On Demand

Technical Information


  1. Material: MFC, Laminate, aluminium and steel
  2. Lock: app, website, RFID, PIN code, Fingerprint, QR/Bar code
  3. Service delivery: UK, US, EU.

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  1. Your needs will be understood through a consultative approach that uniquely meets your organisational needs.
  2. You will be supported in the entire process, from solving your workflow challenges to bringing your team on board. It doesn’t stop there.
  3. Vpod adapt with you to connect with your customers and engage your employees, as your workplace evolves.
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