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by | May 13, 2021

With the return to the office on the horizon, people will be adjusting to their new workplace and new workflows. As flexible working becomes more commonplace, office space and technologies must reflect the ways in which people choose to work in order to stay relevant.

Our daily processes have changed. Contactless, flexible and responsive is the way forward. The way we store and collect our belongings should mirror this. Vpod Smart Locker Management was designed around this premise. We provide the right solution to drive efficiency and offer your people and visitors a seamless experience.

What is smart locker management?

Smart lockers use software that allows lockers to be flexible and to process multiple workflows at once, managers can remotely control and assign different purposes to one locker bank, such as automated locker for parcels, IT devices collections, personal belonging storage, and more.

With smart locker management software, both the experiences of the administrative and user end are improved.


Benefits of a locker management software


1. Centralised for better control

Our locker management software is on a centralised platform that communicates, controls and reports on each discrete locker bank. Managers can remotely assign different locker uses and monitor locker usage.

Deployed on Azure scaling globally is no issue with either:

  • Multi-Tennant
  • Private Cloud

2. Powerful integration

Our technologies are designed for integration. With our locker management software, users can book a locker in close proximity to their desk, meeting room or collaboration space – save on the time and hassle of searching the office for your locker and get straight to work.

3. Easy access for users

With the user interface of your locker solution, your locker booking for employees and visitors is completely automated; workflows won’t be interrupted and the process will be contactless.

You can book the lockers in three ways:

  1. Add to your existing front-of-house Vgreet/Vdesk(digital reception kiosks) as the face of your locker solution, typically for parcel management applications.
  2. Pre-book lockers via web browser from any smart device or desktop.
  3. Access the smart lockers using mobile devices or RFID cards to open the lockers. All instructions are from the built-in control panel in the locker bank.

Therefore, users gain a smooth experience by accessing the lockers whenever and however they desire.

Locker management software for post lockers


Locker management software workflow for IT devices

locker management software for it devices

locker management software for day lockers

locker management software for day lockers

Benefits for managers

  • Save time on managing lockers
  • Save space wasted on multiple lockers with different purposes
  • Have real-time insight on locker usage and remotely assign locker purposes

Benefits for employees

  • Work in an environment that supports them and encourages collaboration
  • Personal lockers for the workplace that provides flexible access
  • Improve efficiency by reducing the time wasted on dealing with deliveries
  • Employees can pick up parcels or devices at their convenience without the need to keep the locker keys.

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