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A unified workplace ecosystem

Vpod’s smart tool platform enables unlimited integrations and clear communication with seamless virtual receptions and top-quality smart locker systems. Our solutions engage employees, connect creatives to consumers, and lead the way for true workplace evolution.

Our workplace consultants help you to interpret data and optimise your workspace in a way that best accommodates your culture and unique needs.

Success Stories

Trusted by forward thinkers globally

Discover how we helped transfom global organisations across industries.

Sodexo Group

Vpod held our hands and guided us throughout the process. It was great to have that true partnership, rather than just a supplier.

Javits Center NYC

Vgreet has revolutionized the way the Javits Center operates. We can now check in thousands of people per day without any queues forming or without the need for a security intervention.

Avison Young

The team at Vpod is incredible and promptly resolves any hiccups and teething issues while keeping us updated on any changes along the way.


From the initial planning to the configuration and launching of the system, Vpod always go out of their way to make sure it is a success, which of course in turn makes us look good to our clients.

Why choose Vpod

A consultative approach to every challenge.

Our team is your team! From designing our solutions to fit your needs and branding, implementation, onboarding, and long-term support – our experts are at your disposal. Our consultative approach is powered by technology and underpinned by data, but run by people so you can create a truly human-centric space.

Why choose Vpod

Made bespoke to fit your space and needs.

From User Interface to software integrations, we have the most customisable products with software and hardware tailored to each unique space and need.
Product Highlights


Unlocking Data Insights, Securing Success


Unlock the power of data of how your workplace is being used to make informed decision. By harnessing real-time insights into inventory and user habits, you can stay proactive to enhance security measures, optimise space utilisation, and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Product Highlights


One Locker Bank, One Platform, Unlimited Uses


No need to use space and money on several lockers to cover all your needs. Vflex is a cloud-based smart locker solution that can support multiple workflows from one single locker bank – whether you need personal storage, day lockers, parcel delivery lockers, asset management, or everything at once on every other Monday.

Product Highlights


From Physical to Digital,
Uncompromised Security


Vpod Smart Solutions is ISO27001 certified and our smart lockers offer the versatility of anonymous user access. The software won’t keep any personal or company-related data. Instead, users can generate a temporary PIN directly from the control panel when they need to use a locker, ensuring that unauthorised persons can’t access the physical locker and that no classified data lies outside of the company database.

Product Highlights


Flex and Adapt with Ease


Support the heart of your organisation: the people. For convenience of use for hybrid and office workers alike, lockers can be reserved ahead of time, claimed on the day, or assigned as personal lockers for those who need it. Admins can remotely manage all workflows and lockers across locations from their smartphone or PC, allowing the business to adapt quickly and seamlessly.

Product Highlights


A Warm Welcome Made Simple


Make the first impression count with an effortless arrival process. Visitors breeze through reception as the intuitive interface greets them with a seamless welcome. With pre-registration enabled, employees, visitors, and contractors alike can simply scan their QR code for a quick and simple check-in.

Product Highlights


Take security to new heights from door to departure


Keep your organisation and visitors safe from the start by keeping track of who comes and where they go at your locations. Checking in at the kiosk ensures that the appropriate access is granted to the right people within the right timeframes.

Product Highlights


Effortless Assistance, Elevated Experience


The most diligent virtual reception that goes above and beyond standard services. Vgreet virtual reception shows visitors around the building with indoor wayfinding, updates users on local transportation and traffic information, offers recommendations for food and drink, and if onsite staff is unavailable, users can contact a trained virtual receptionist from the kiosk who can answer any questions that may come up.






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