Workplace Consultancy

Human experiences -powered by technology and underpinned by data

What workplace challenges can consultancy help solve?

As your business looks to evolve into the future, the impact that culture, space, technology and process has on employee engagement and well-being comes into sharp focus.

Does the office space accommodate all types of workers? Does your work culture properly support productivity? Are employees motivated by your management strategies?

Vpod’s consultancy approach is designed to support your organisation through the journey that matters; from identifying pain points to creating and implementing effective workplace strategies that can elevate your business and employee experience.

Vpod are here to help you nurture the heart of your business: your people.

You won’t find any cookie cutters in our approach


We shape our approach to suit your challenges.Through curiosity, listening, and caring, we simplify and adapt to ensure the solutions we put forward complement and enable the role of the human experience, maintain culture and integrity, and create an adaptable platform to drive business efficiencies.

My team is struggling with various wellbeing challenges and I don’t know where to start.

I don’t have the tools or tech to empower my teams.

How do I establish a culture that enables effective work practices?

I wish I had some data to empower me to make decisions.

We are struggling to retain our employees.
I wish I could have some visibility on how productive my team is when working away from the office space
I wonder how my team experiences my leadership?
How can we improve our employee experience?
How do I keep my teams connected in the hybrid working world?

What can you expect from our workplace strategy consultants?

You can expect a patient partner with a passion for change, and guidance on all aspects of workplace design and management.

We tailor our approach based on detailed data that we collect from you during the consultancy process.

the data creates an overview of the business that we can use to identify the parts of the business that can be improved.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Discover Engage Insights Define Implement Measure Evolve Conversations Relationships Observations SurveysInterviewWorkshops Report & Recommendations Strategy & next steps Solutions, Change Management & Communications Data Capture:Whats working,Whats not? Marginal Gains
4 5 6 Define Implement Measure Strategy & next steps Solutions, Change Management & Communications Data Capture:Whats working,Whats not? 7 Evolve Marginal Gains 1 2 3 Discover Engage Insights Conversations Relationships Observations SurveysInterviewWorkshops Report & Recommendations

Benefits of workplace consultancy & understanding your workplace better

Vpod’s workplace consultancy strategy is data-led to synthesise secrets into stories that give you a comprehensive overview of your business and the tools to continuously evolve.

  • Remove guesswork and make informed decisions.
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t work across other organisations to guide you on your journey.
  • Evolve and measure progress.
  • Build a business case for change.
  • Measure tangible and intangible ROI.
  • Put the pandemic behind you and build business resilience.
  • Ensure that your employees are enabled to thrive, so the bottom line takes care of itself.

Progress is a direction, not a destination –
We help you read the compass!

Who are we?

Our workplace consultancy team is led by Simone FJ, Group Director of Workplace Consultancy and Transformation and author of The Human-Centric Workplace. Our workplace consultants have extensive and varied experience in Facilities Management, Workplace and HR which enables us to provide tailored and innovative solutions that suit your business objectives.

From Keynotes, Panel Participation, Podcasts, Webinars to Roundtables. Simone is an experienced and engaging speaker on:


  • Human-Centric Workplaces
  • Technology to drive the human experience
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Facilities Management
  • Employee Experience
  • Culture and Leadership
  • Future of Work

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