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Vgreet Virtual Reception | Visitor Management Kiosk


Vpod’s Vgreet Virtual Reception is an employee and visitor management kiosk that delivers an amplified reception experience and poses ROI to modern businesses by:


  • Reducing administrative costs
  • Enhancing security and compliance
  • Delivering a memorable end-to-end experience that goes beyond visitor check-in
  • Improving efficiencies by streamlining manual processes while keeping the human interactions
  • Taking a truly tailored and flexible approach that adapts and evolves with the organisation

Vgreet at Sodexo: Vital Spaces

  • With Vgreet, the average visitor experience rating went from 3 to 4.9 out of 5.
  • It enhanced their service delivery without replacing any of their staff.

Vgeet at NYC Javits Centre

With Vgreet, the Javits Center removed all congestion associated with permitting secure access for contractors, while delivering a best in class visitor experience.


By using Vgreet, Mitie is able to demonstrate best practice to clients, whilst being able to support them in reducing costs for FOH.


Vodafone has achieved an ROI of 85% per annum with Vgreet in their UK headquarters.

What is Vgreet Virtual
Reception Kiosk For?

Employee Service Desk    Visitor Management   Contractor Management

Vgreet Virtual Reception System fits into any workflow, any device, and any software without limitations, making every impression count.

More than a visitor management kiosk, Vgreet is a cloud-based software that connects siloed systems, facilitating booking resources, checking in visitors and employees, handling deliveries, and more – all on one centralised reception kiosk.

  • Museums
  • Airport/Aviation
  • Healthcare

The most versatile reception kiosk

Real time visitor monitoring

A real-time overview of visitor details in the building.

Guest Notification

Automatic text/email notifications inform the host once a visitor has checked in.

Visitor Registration

Pre-register visitors and digitally sign documents before arrival. All details are captured while scheduling meetings.

Room & Desk Booking

This feature allows you to manage desk sharing and activity-based working schemes.

Virtual Receptionist

High-quality video call to talk to a virtual receptionist.

Concierge Service

Find live updates on travel, weather, and news. Visitors can also find building information and leave feedback.

Visitor Pass & Access Control Integration

Visitor badges with the QR code used for checking in can permit access through turnstiles & entry/exit points, granting access only to specified areas.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual options include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch.

Customisable UI & UX

A fully bespoke package where button shapes, sizes, and fonts can be tailored to your preferences. You can also put bespoke media files or run company URLs on the Vgreet kiosk.


Vgreet supports reception services for up to 5 different building tenants.

Create Your Own Features & Workflows

A truly flexible application that can be installed on an iPad, a stand-alone kiosk, or a touch-screen tablet.

Benefits of Vgreet: Why Us?


1. Is Vgreet a kiosk or software?

Vgreet is an all-in-one reception solution that comes with a variety of options for both kiosks and software. We work with market-leading partners to provide an end-to-end visitor management solution.

2. How customisable is Vgreet?

From the look and feel of the Vgreet kiosk, to the user interface and workflows, everything is customisable to match your branding.

3. How big is a Vgreet?

Vgreet comes as a 80″ kiosk, but we also offer a 58″ virtual reception solution for smaller spaces.

Vpod take a consultative approach to understand customers’ challenges and needs. From refining the user journey, and tailoring the right solution, to providing ongoing support, our Virtual Reception Solution adapts to your organisation and people.


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