How Contactless Delivery rose during the pandemic and why it’s here to stay

by | Jun 29, 2021

What is Contactless Delivery?


Contactless Delivery has been an essential service throughout the pandemic. It has allowed e-commerce to thrive during the lockdown and has ensured that people could purchase essentials, and take away meals and other products when shops and restaurants were forced to close down. From Amazon to UberEats – we’ve relied so much on Contactless Delivery Services that they’ve become commonplace in our lives.

Contactless Delivery consists of a delivery driver dropping off a parcel in front of the determined location. The driver will notify the recipient that their parcel has been delivered, often through text message. The recipient will collect the parcel from where it was left, whilst maintaining a social distance and without having to come in direct contact with the delivery driver.

The Challenges of Contactless Delivery

Though Contactless Delivery offered a safer alternative to in-person shopping, it also presented some challenges and inconveniences. For instance, if the recipient wasn’t available to collect it or if there was not an allocated ‘safe place’ to leave the parcel it would remain undelivered. This meant the courier had to keep the parcel and try to re-deliver it at a later time – increasing their workload. This can be especially problematic if the delivery of the parcel is time-sensitive and the consumer required their purchase(s) on a specific date but was unavailable to collect it at arrival.

Contactless Delivery in the Workplace


As people start returning to the office, parcels will once again be delivered to the workplace. With the rise of touchless technology, delivery lockers pose the potential for businesses to implement safety measures with a more efficient process at their front desk.

Contactless Delivery for Retailers

Retail click and collect lockers offer a collection point that is not restricted by the store’s service hours, increasing engagement from online customers through physical stores. It also assists in increasing opportunities for impulse purchases and building face-to-face customer relationships in-store.

Vpod Contactless Delivery Solution

With locker management software, our Contactless Lockers help you digitise and automate your parcel delivery. Features of our parcel delivery lockers include:

  • Bespoke branded design
  • Touchless workflows
  • Integrated asset management system
  • The user interface for contactless parcel drop off and pick up
  • Live recipient email notifications

How Contactless Delivery Works

  • User selects parcel drop-off on the user interface of package storage lockers
  • Search for the recipient via the active directory and select
  • Select the appropriate size locker for the parcel
  • Assigns a locker with confirmation on the screen
  • The assigned locker door is automatically opened
  • Place parcel in locker and close locker door
  • Notification automatically sent to the recipient

How Contactless Lockers can Benefit your workplace

Easy Collection

  • The user selects parcel collection
  • Scan the RFID card /QR code or enter the passcode
  • Locker automatically opens
  • The recipient retrieves the parcel and closes the door

Save Cost

  • Cut out the manual processes involved with deliveries.
  • Allow reception or mailroom staff to focus on more vital tasks, increasing your workplace efficiency

Safe Workplace

Lockers for staff and couriers minimise contact from sending & collecting items.


  • Manage internal accountability and security with a digital asset management system.
  • Collect data on all parcels and post entering and being collected in your building, with easily accessible digital reports.

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