Customer Case Study: How Digital Concierge improves the Visitor and Employee Experience

by | Sep 23, 2021

In today’s blog, we’ll have a closer look at a customer case study that demonstrates the ways in which Vpod Smart Solutions was able to support improving both the visitor and employee experience with our digital concierge system.

Visitor Management is a critical component of the workplace that is essential to get right. As we return to our workplaces, more organisations are considering refining their processes so that visitors and employees arrive at a workplace destination that is both safe and efficient.

What is a Digital Concierge?

Digital concierge is a type of customer experience (CX) technology that provide visitors with exceptional service and a more personalised experience.

It can be supported by visitor management systems by removing many of the manual tasks in the reception area. Many businesses are looking to upgrade to a digital concierge – to modernise the visitor experience and remove tedious tasks from busy front of house staff.

Case Study


In this case, our client was able to remove 80% of their manual processes from their reception team by implementing our digital concierge kiosk, Vgreet, at the entrance of their office as well as deliver productive workflows for both their external and internal visitors.

Company policy and procedure

The technology behind Vgreet allowed the customer to integrate and use their systems. This meant that they were able to continue to follow their company policies and procedures without having to re-train internal staff to adopt new processes.

Key Features of Digital Concierge

Visitor registration before arrival


The visitor pre-registration feature allows receptionists to have 100% visibility as to who is expected to visit for the day – the time they arrived and the time they left.

A personalised invitation is sent from the visitor’s host that provides them with all the necessary details about their meeting in advance – including who, where and the time of their meeting.

The invitation also includes dynamic indoor wayfinding maps to support the visitor as they make their way to the building and right up to the meeting room. It also includes a photo of their host to help with familiarity, as well as their contact details – should they need to get hold of them beforehand. The invitation can also include important documents such as health surveys and NDAs.

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Secure Access

A QR code is also issued. This acts as the individual’s key to accessing secure barriers in the building once they’ve completed the check-in process – without having to ask for any intervention from reception staff.

Touchless Check In


The entire process can be virtually hands-free with the upgrade to the digital concierge – keeping people safe and also providing a quick and easy way of checking in, preventing the reception area from getting congested with people.

As the visitor enters the building, Vgreet kiosk sensors will detect the guest’s arrival and will instruct them on how to proceed. Our touchless technologies provide visitors with the option of using voice-activated technology to check in, or they can scan the QR code they were provided, which will automatically notify their host of their arrival, as well as provide directions, secure access and print their visitor badge as their identification to use within the building.

Virtual Live Assistant

Vgreet virtual reception kiosk has the ability to video call any virtual receptionists while having problems checking in. Our customer was able to provide a more personalised virtual concierge service while the tedious tasks have been automated by Vgreet.

A Feature Loaded Experience for Visitors & Employees

Through Vpod’s technology, our client has delivered a modern, innovative and sleek visitor experience to best support their employees and visitors when they arrive at their offices. From quick, contactless check-in to interactive wayfinding – Vgreet has become an essential tool in a modern smart workplace.

Vgreet digital concierge system is also equipped with additional features that enhance the visitor experience by providing them with information about the facilities, their surroundings and important travel updates. The following are some of the additional features that users have access to:

– Live weather updates
– Points of interest around the area
– The ability to call and arrange taxis
– The latest travel information, including routes and delays
– Ability to arrange and order food delivery
– Leave feedback on their experience to better inform facilities management on how to improve their service.

Interested in upgrading your reception area to a digital concierge? Download the Vgreet brochure

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