Touchless Technology in Visitor Management

by | Jun 25, 2021

The pandemic has increased our need for contactless solutions. In a time where the threat of contamination and illness has changed life as we know it, Touchless Technology has become imperative to help shape the path back to ‘normal.’ In this blog, we will cover:

  1. Why is a touchless workplace important?
  2. What benefits can touchless technology bring to businesses?
  3. How can touchless visitor management systems help?

Why is a Touchless Workplace Important?

With employees becoming a new type of ‘visitor‘ to the office, both visitors and employees are expecting a safer experience and research shows that workplace leaders are in agreement. Whether it’s through QR codes, motion sensors, facial recognition or voice activation – the “anxious consumers” have pointed out the importance of digital investment in touchless technologies that are becoming commonplace in workplaces around the world.

Prioritising the health and well-being of people within an organisation is paramount. With nearly 41% of the job force currently considering a career change (due to the stresses of the pandemic and the ways in which companies are choosing to move forward) – leaders must show their people that they are valued by facilitating the return to a flexible workplace – or they risk losing their greatest asset; their talent.

The Touchless Technology

Vpod’s smart technology is virtually touchless. From our visitor management systems that greet your employees and visitors to our smart lockers that can be opened without contact, we remain committed to supporting organisations as they adopt this technology in their workplace.

Benefits of using Touchless Technologies

1. Reduce contamination risk

Touchless technologies will ensure that contamination in communal areas is reduced as well as at shared touchpoints. Touchless technology also reduces the need for close contact with others and therefore organisations can remain committed to upholding the health, safety and social distancing measures they have implemented.

2. Increase workplace efficiency

Not only does touchless technology minimise the risk of contamination but it also increases efficiency and standardises processes that are typically people and contact-intensive. This automates tedious tasks and makes for a more efficient workplace.

What is Touchless Visitor Management?

By introducing a self-service reception, visitor management systems help managers to implement a touchless workplace by automating the reception tasks that require face-to-face interactions. They collect and organise information about the workplace, its facilities and its guests. It solves many challenges for front of house/reception and gives leaders full visibility of what is happening in their building.

Vpod’s Vgreet Virtual Reception is a prime example of a Touchless Visitor Management System that is optimised by touchless technology. With the ability to integrate features such as meeting room and desk booking, our touchless visitor management system ensures your workplace is safely connected.

Features of Touchless Visitor Management Systems


How do we Deliver Touchless Visitor Management?

With partner integrations, Vgreet Touchless visitor management system transforms the workplace experience and ensures safety. This is how it works:

1. Digitally sign required documents prior to arrival

Visitors or contractors will receive a customised meeting invite that requires them to sign any required documents prior to their visits. In their invites, they also have the information of:

  • touchless-check-inA map and directions to help get to the office.
  • Host contact details in case of delay and a photo of them so you know who you are meeting.
  • Indoor wayfinding directions so that they can get to meetings quickly without the worry of getting lost in an unfamiliar setting.
  • A QR code for them to scan at the Vgreet kiosk at the reception

2. Express sign-in without the need to touch

In our touchless visitor management approach, Vgreet is equipped with motion sensors and voice activation technology so that the visitors can use the system without touching the screen. Upon visitors’ arrival, the Vgreet kiosk prompts the visitors to scan the QR code and helps them check in.

3. Your host will be notified of your arrival by SMS and email

You’ll be checked in within 3 seconds and your host will be notified by SMS and email.

4. The directions to your meeting room

You get an interactive indoor wayfinding map on the Vgreet visitor management system, which shows the direction to your meeting room. Navigate your way quickly and easily.


5. On-Demand digital receptionist

Need support? An onsite virtual receptionist can help. Visitors can also be supported by our outsourced digital receptionist partner. Not only can your receptionists assist the visitors through video calls, but they also have full access to your visitor management system to help visitors.

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