A guide to efficient visitor access management for your office


What is visitor access control?

Unauthorised access, as one of the common forms of security risks in the workplace, has become a new challenge in the post-pandemic world. With different types of visitors coming to the site – including hybrid workers, controlling visitor entries is no longer just about installing an access control system. Effective visitor access control is a process to keep employees and assets safe while minimising disruptions.

Introducing a visitor management solution is an effective approach to managing visitor entry – from verifying visitors’ identity, keeping track of their activities during their stay and integrating with the building’s access control systems/databases to ensure the highest level of building security.

What are the building access control systems?

Barrier/Turnstile access

Turnstile access control systems only allow one person to pass at a time with a authorised pass, QR code, or similar.

RFID security access control system

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that can be used to develop building/ office access control systems. Employees can use a key card or fob to enter certain areas. It can automatically print visitor access RFID security cards if integrated with a specific printer.


What are the drawbacks of having access control without a visitor management system?

If we look at the user journey of access control systems:

  1. Visitor arrives at the building
  2. They stand in the queue to check in at the reception desk
  3. The receptionist notifies the host
  4. Visitors will receive a visitor badge to go through the access control
  5. Return the visitor badge when they leave the premises

It poses several downsides for modern businesses:

Inefficient entry process

To go through the access control system, visitors waste time standing in queues to show their IDs, notify their hosts and receive a visitor badge. A building with high footfall leads to inefficient visitor access management and poor visitor experience.

The cost of a lost visitor badge

While Issuing, tracking and revoking visitor badges helps reduce the risk of unauthorised entry, it costs £5-45 on average to replace a lost visitor badge.

Two systems in isolation

The visitor details collected by receptionists do not synchronise with the access control system, leading to potential inaccurate data reporting and duplication of receptionists’ tasks.

Visitor Access Control and Visitor Management System


Instead of discussing access control as siloed functions, experts prioritise creating integrated access control platforms that combine information for analysis from any source.

Research has also pointed out the improved security level and a more flexible office access control with the integration of visitor management systems and access control systems.

Inevitably, integrating a visitor management system with your building’s access control system is the step forward to significantly improve workplace efficiency and security by streamlining the entry process.

Visitor pre-registration

Visitors can digitally sign required documents before arrival. When the host schedules a meeting, visitor details automatically populate the building’s access control system and inform the reception and building managers.

Visitor pass printing

Automatically print visitor identification pass after they check in at the visitor management kiosk.

Watchlist/Blacklist monitoring

Check visitors against industry and organisation watchlists and only allow entry to those that match your criteria. Subtle, automatic alerts are sent if a visitor has been placed on a watchlist, to ensure a smooth resolution.

Photo ID printing

The visitor management system’s built-in camera can take photos of visitors for identification purposes and print these images onto a visitor pass.

Visitor ID verification

Screen visitors’ ID during check-in with facial recognition to match visitors to an existing database.

Benefits of integrated access control systems

Customise access based on visitor type

An integrated visitor access control system means visitor movements can be tracked and different levels of entry can be managed easily with your visitor entry management system.

Digitally track visitors

Synchronise visitor details with building access control systems. Know who is in your building at any time and easily access this information in real-time during emergency situations.

24/7 Building Security

24/7 monitoring of building safety and visitor access control without the need for manning 24/7 but with full security and digital control. The security team can access camera technology to monitor reception areas.

Automatic visitor check out

Automatically checks visitors out when they are leaving the building, saving time and improving the efficiency of your workplace.

Introducing Vgreet Visitor Access Management


More than a visitor management kiosk, Vgreet is a cloud-based system that connects siloed systems, facilitating booking resources, and checking in visitors and employees.


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