Indoor Wayfinding Solutions

What is Indoor Wayfinding, Interactive Indoor Maps?

Indoor wayfinding solutions brings all the known benefits of outdoor navigation indoors. It provides users with a digital navigation tool, which helps them find their way around large indoor spaces using only their smartphones.

Traditionally, organisations would use maps or information desks when they needed directions inside a building but with interactive indoor maps, indoor wayfinding has become digital.

How does indoor wayfinding work?

Vgreet digital visitor management system ’s MapsPeople integration allows visitors to use indoor navigation built on Google Maps. Using a simple Content Management System (CMS) platform, Facilities Managers can easily update buildings, rooms, points of interest and routes.

When checking in, a map to the visitor’s meeting room, along with directions, is displayed on the Vgreet screen. A visitor can also choose to have the map and directions sent to their smart device.


Benefits of using indoor wayfinding with visitor management

1. Visitor experience

Indoor way-finding can help employees and visitors find unfamiliar floors, rooms or even navigate another building. It removes the need to wait in queues to speak with someone or wander around until they find their way. Step by step instructions guide people through your building easily, giving them the confidence that they will reach their destination.

2. Employee services

Meeting location changed? Looking for a team member or a hot desk? MapsIndoors helps employees and visitors find specific rooms within a building, along with other people. Using MapsIndoors indoor positioning technology, allows for devices such as company laptops to be pinpointed within the building. Privacy settings can be changed for those needing focussed time, allowing them to work without being located via the map.

3. Improve productivity

Did you know that it takes 25 minutes to get back to your original task when you have been interrupted? With employees and visitors able to locate locations within your building and be checked in using Vgreet, it frees up your reception team to focus on other priorities.

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