Dialog Video Concierge: flexible, digital working tools for a better employee experience

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In today’s blog, we will be introducing our Dialog video concierge system. Today’s smart modern workplace looks a lot different for organisations and their employees.

As the new normal in the workplace allows for flexibility with hybrid working in different locations, organisations will start to take a wider view of improving the digital employee experience, including an employee experience strategy that combat digital exhaustion, bridge the physical and digital worlds, and more.

Dialog is a smart workplace technology we created to help your employees stay connected to the workplace from any location, at any time of day, on any device.

We will cover the following topics:

  1. What is Video Concierge?
  2. What challenges do video concierge systems solve?
  3. How does Dialog work?
  4. The practical applications of Dialog Video Concierge in your workplace

What is Dialog Video Concierge?

Dialog Video Concierge System combines technology with connection to real-life experts through video skill-set routing. This pioneering technology – which requires minimal bandwidth demands, can connect employees to an internal department expert or an external provider at a time that is convenient for them – leaving no query left unanswered.


What are the current challenges organisations face with video communication technology?

Since working from home began, technology has allowed us to communicate with each other like never before, so why does it seem that video calling still has restrictions?

1. App downloads are often required to access virtual meetings

Whilst many video conferencing technologies are available via browsers, this can often cause computers to run slow and take up a lot of bandwidth. Downloading apps to your desktop can also be a hindrance if there is not enough memory space available. Often employees need permission from the company IT department or if a meeting guest uses a different provider, they may be reluctant to download yet another video conferencing app.

2. Lack of modern audio technology

In today’s working world, many larger video communication providers try to supply the best audio for virtual meetings. However, many employees face difficulties with audio whilst in virtual meetings. These can range from audio background noise, delays, line noise and feedback and audio echoes.

Consequently, these issues can cause a high level of frustration as well as unintentional mistakes caused by miscommunication and an overall drop in meeting productivity.

3. Insufficient bandwidth capacity

With more people working from home in other remote locations, internet connection and limited bandwidth capacity have become a common problem in everyday working lives.

Organisations can attempt to guarantee the best bandwidth capacity at their offices, but it is practically impossible for them to provide the same level of connection to employees working from home or other remote locations.

49% of employees have reported experiencing issues with their internet bandwidth, directly causing a decrease in productivity whilst working from home or in remote locations. Slow connection, limited bandwidth, breaks in sound and difficulty joining calls. It’s important to note that ‍80% of businesses experience internet connectivity problems.

Ultimately, current solutions allow you to communicate remotely through apps or the web, however, no other products provide an end-to-end solution for helping your employees no matter where they are working from.

So, how does Dialog Video Concierge Solution work?

With Dialog Video Concierge, employees can use video communications as easily as they would audio, adding others to the call, placing people on hold, or forwarding queries, all via Dialog’s simple visual interface.

The difference with Dialog is its unique skills-routing capability, along with its adaptable bandwidth feature and collaborative working tools.

Skills routing

When using Dialog Video Concierge, video calls can be routed to any department or expert required. Just like with audio, callers can first be connected to a triage (either real-time or automated) to identify the issue they have, and who they need to speak to. They can then be routed to the specialist required and either placed in a queue, or holding room or they can be answered immediately.


This technology allows employees to access help easily and quickly from anyone they need, at any time, ultimately improving individual and organisational productivity and efficiency by letting employees access help quickly and then return to their everyday tasks.

Adaptable bandwidth

This feature of Dialog addresses the issue of one party or multiple parties of the call struggling with limited bandwidth capacity. Dialog virtual concierge can identify the bandwidth of each call participant and find an average bandwidth capability that ensures each caller has the best experience with both audio and video connection.

Overall, this minimises the frustration experienced by many employees when using video communications, improving the digital employee experience and the productivity of meetings.

Collaborative working tools

Dialog is also a digital tool encouraging collaborative working, which is now crucial when employees aren’t all in one, physical location.


Dialog video concierge system provides high-quality collaborative capabilities such as:

  • content sharing
  • screen annotation
  • digital signature capture
  • recording
  • printing and scanning

These features help to improve employee productivity and efficiency by facilitating collaborative working through an easily accessible, secure platform.

Practical applications of Dialog Virtual Concierge in your workplace

With all of the information above about video communication in the workplace and the features of Dialog, the question is – how can Dialog help in my workplace?

A key aspect of Dialog is that it is accessible at any time, anywhere and on any device, providing employees with a completely flexible video communication solution.


Our Dialog video concierge software can be embedded into web pages, apps, internal systems and even on our visitor management systems. Dialog provides complete flexible access, meaning employees can access the platform at any time and from any location – which is ideal for adapting to today’s hybrid and flexible working models.


Accessing help for both employees and visitors

One of the most common use cases of our Dialog system is implementing its unique skill set routing to provide employees with easy access to help whenever it is needed. For example, no matter the device, employees can be connected to the required expert – whether this is an internal department such as IT or an external facilities management provider – quickly and easily using Dialog’s initial triage system, identifying who the caller needs to be routed to.

Read more about how dialog works on an employee self-service kiosk

Within visitor management systems, Dialog provides the help feature, connecting either visitors or employees to the required expert via video call. Within Vgreet or Vdesk, this could be to an internal team or a virtual receptionist from Moneypenny.

Read more about how dialog works for visitors


In conclusion, Dialog video concierge can help improve productivity, efficiency, and employee experience within your workplace through its unique features and flexible access points, keeping employees and the workplace connected.

Download the NM MONEY Case Study Here

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