Introducing Vgreet V3: Unlocking the future of Visitor Management

by | Oct 09, 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern workplaces, where flexibility, security, and seamless experiences are paramount, we are proud to announce an exciting update for our flagship product, Vgreet virtual reception V3.

In this post, we’ll go through new features, expanded offers, and improved functions – from unparalleled customisability to enhanced security features. We’re so excited to unveil the arsenal of capabilities that make Vgreet V3 the ultimate choice for modern businesses.


What Is The Purpose of The V3 Update?

Visitor Management systems are the unsung heroes of every reception, responsible for creating the first impression, ensuring security, and streamlining operations. Vgreet Virtual Reception, known as a “whole package” solution in the market, comes with a variety of visitor management software options, hardware configurations, and integration capabilities.

In the hybrid landscape, we recognised that there was room for improvement – VMS products on the market often adhered to a standard framework, offering limited flexibility in user interface and workflows. The challenges and opportunities presented by hybrid work models, evolving security needs, and the quest for unparalleled visitor experiences have inspired us to reimagine Vgreet from the ground up

It is precisely this gap in the market that Vpod strives to bridge with the introduction of V3.  While routine software updates and patches have been part of the course, the advent of Vgreet V3 signifies a move towards blending functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

V3 is more than a regular patch, it represents a comprehensive redesign and reconstruction of the system, symbolising a substantial leap forward in terms of stability, scalability, and enhanced security. 

The Vgreet V3 software empowers businesses to tailor their reception service, from the user interface to the many integration options and more. We believe that by providing tools that allow our clients to mould our technology to their requirements, we enable them to deliver a seamless and personalised experience to their customers. 

Our mission is to make every interaction count.

Watch V3 Features in a short video here.

Customisable UI – The branded visitor experience like no other.

The improved customisation options of Vgreet V3 offer great possibilities for companies seeking to create a tailored and memorable visitor experience.

How well your brand value and brand message are presented is greatly impacted by the first impression a visitor has. Vgreet plays a vital role in creating memorable experiences for brands in their physical space, from the very first second you interact with a Vgreet to the moment you check out. 

From a design perspective, this means treating every Vgreet as a new project and approaching clients openly and collaboratively. V3 has been designed to be customised; we don’t just change the colours, but the very angle of the corners on each button to make sure they truly reflect our client’s brand. We iterate on every aspect of the design, configuring every aspect of the kiosk before it’s installed, and stay on hand to make any changes once it’s live.

From colours and fonts to logos and icons, Vgreet V3 offers the highest degree of customisability on the market. Clients can choose between two levels of customisation:

  • Standard: choose brand colours and include logos where needed.
  • Bespoke upsell: a fully bespoke design according to the client’s brief and brand guidelines – made by Vpod’s in-house design team.

Vpod’s Head of Design, Daniel Millyard, has a part to play in all of these designs:

“As a designer, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience to work with our clients and bring their brands to life in a way that truly leaves an impression on every person who uses their Vgreets.”

What’s New With Vgreet V3?

1. Strengthened Information Security

At Vpod, we understand that security is paramount, and with V3, we’ve fortified our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ data and systems, providing peace of mind in an increasingly digital world. 

Data encryption both in transit and at rest ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and secure at all times. Our intrusion detection systems monitor any unauthorised access attempts and promptly alert us to potential threats. We’ve also implemented a stringent anti-virus system to shield our systems from malware and cyberattacks. Regular system health check-ups guarantee the reliability and stability of the Vgreet environment, proactively identifying and resolving any vulnerabilities.

You can learn more about our approach to information security here.

2. Accessibility

Vgreet V3 is user-friendly for individuals with disabilities. Millyard expressed the importance of keeping accessibility in mind throughout the V3 development process: 

“We knew from the moment we started this project that accessibility is incredibly important to us and to everyone who interacts with our products. We saw V3 as an opportunity to take everything we’ve learned from years of experience to build a platform that we can continue to build upon for years to come.”

From the get-go, Vpod wanted to improve the accessibility of the UI design and worked with accessibility guidelines to make sure all function buttons were positioned lower on the screen for easy access to wheelchair users. Additionally, the high level of customisation makes it easier to accommodate those with colour blindness or dyslexia.

Vpod Smart Solutions is proud of the new V3 design; however, we recognise that there is of course still more that can be done, which is why a big part of the V3 development was also spent specifically creating a design that can continue to grow and evolve for years to come. 

“As designers, when we start to see the world for everyone, it opens new possibilities, and I am excited for the future as we continue to transform Vgreet into a more accessible platform.” – Daniel Millyard, Head of Design

3. Integration Customisability

For V3, Vpod worked with customers to build a platform that seamlessly integrates into almost every workflow – this flexibility extends to the creation of entirely new integrations, thanks to the adaptable foundation of Vgreet V3. 

This means that clients can customise the Vgreet’s functionalities as they wish – whether that is by keeping their whole tech ecosystem and simply centralising that onto the Vgreet, or if they want to create a whole new network from scratch starting with the Vgreet as face of operations.  Integrations for room & desk booking, wayfinding, voice calling, data analytics, weather and traffic updates, resource reservation (such as IT equipment or smart lockers) and many more are available from launch; however, if any integrations are missing that wish to incorporate, our development team is ready to help make those requests a reality.

4. ‘What’s on’ Feature

Clients can now put bespoke attractor videos, and run company URLs, or images on Vrgeet kiosk to further promote the brand image and enhance user engagement. Companies can use this feature to display useful information, updates, or even ads.


5. Supports 6+ Languages

The Vgreet software now fully supports 6 languages as a basis:

Multilingual support ensures that the Vgreet is accessible to a broader range of visitors, reflecting positively on a company’s global image and ensuring that all guests feel welcomed. It makes it easier for internationals to navigate the system, understand instructions, and access necessary information, which enhances their overall satisfaction. 

In some regions or industries, there are legal requirements to provide information and services in multiple languages. 


6. Live Train Feeds

Especially for those travelling from out of town, or perhaps from outside of the country, having a place to check updated travel times can be highly beneficial and adds to the overall quality of concierge services. 

Vgreet Virtual Reception offers live train feed for the following areas:


7. Live Weather Feeds In All Countries (OpenWeather)

With real-time weather information at their fingertips, visitors can make informed decisions about their activities and travel plans. 

This feature is available for all areas globally through connecting to OpenWeather.

8. Live Traffic In All Countries (Google Maps)

V3 allows visitors to access real-time, comprehensive travel information, including multi-mode transportation with active station details. This means that your valued site visitors can seamlessly plan their journeys, combining various modes of transportation, from trains and taxis to bikes and scooters.

9. Remote Management Support Layer

With remote access, our tech support team can diagnose problems in real-time while updates and patches can be seamlessly implemented without the need for on-site visits, reducing downtime and minimising disruptions to our client’s operations. This level of remote management not only saves valuable time and resources but also underscores our commitment to delivering a seamless and hassle-free experience, allowing customers to focus on their core business activities with confidence. 

10. Data Analytics

Each interaction with Vgreet is recorded as an event (no personal information is collected).

This approach allows organisations to gain valuable insights into visitor behaviour, system performance, and usage patterns while preserving privacy. By analysing these events, businesses can make informed decisions, optimise the visitor experience, and fine-tune their operations for maximum efficiency—all without compromising data security or privacy.

vgreet-multi-tenant-visitor-management11. Multi-tenancy

Vgreet supports reception services for up to 5 different building tenants. 

V3’s multi-tenant feature not only reduces operational costs but also optimises the use of space and resources at large office buildings. 

Moreover, it creates a cohesive and professional image for the entire building, enhancing the experience for both visitors and tenants.

12. User Feedback

The system provides a 5-level, Lichert-type visual scale with standard icons including stars or emoticons that can be assigned to any level.

Customisable descriptive text ensures that the feedback collected is both meaningful and context-specific, enabling organisations to extract actionable insights that can drive continuous improvement. This feature not only streamlines feedback collection but also enhances the depth and relevance of the data, making it an invaluable asset for businesses striving for excellence in customer service and performance optimisation.

What Does the Update Mean For Existing Customers?

Support Tier Package

The service support packages enable customers to get in touch with our service team faster and receive faster and more tailored support. Customers can opt for the support level that they require – get in touch with our sales team for more details. [link to contact]

Upgrade your UI

Existing customers will also be able to upgrade their Vgreets with the new functionalities and a bespoke UI designed especially for their brand.

Add more Languages

Existing customers can also upgrade their Vgreet to offer more language options to accommodate a global workforce.

Expand Integration Options

Vgreet has always had a wide span of integration possibilities, but with V3, the possibilities have only expanded. Existing customers can easily add useful features to their existing system – nothing is completely out of the question. 


The V3 update makes it possible to play videos or link a URL directly on the home screen of the kiosk. This new feature also grants extra space to rent out for advertisement or simply to use internally to showcase news to employees and visitors.

The revolutionary virtual reception for the all-around experience

Hardware compatibility

Vgreet Kiosk or bespoke hardware (portrait orientation)

Standard functional capability

  • Reception services: Visitor registration, Check-in, Check-out, Book resource (room/desk)
  • Transport services: Train/tube station, taxi contact, live traffic maps
  • Location services: Weather, wayfinding, surrounding area
  • Information services: evacuation, emergencies, safety
  • Contact services: call reception, call host, feedback

Watch the Vgreet V3 video.

Summary: Our Next steps 

With Vgreet V3, we’re not just releasing a product; we’re embarking on a roadmap of innovation. At Vpod Smart Solutions, we’re committed to continually expanding the horizons of Vgreet’s capabilities, which means V3 isn’t the end. We are dedicated to aligning with evolving industry trends and customer needs, which is why our roadmap encompasses a dynamic range of features and integrations designed to enhance user experiences, streamline operations, and drive customer satisfaction. 

V3 is designed to be redesigned – to suit customers’ brand, to fit into their existing tech eco-system, to expand on service and concierge, and to continue to improve alongside industry standards. Vgreet V3’s primary focus lies in enhancing data security and optimising the visitor journey. Simultaneously, we aimed to elevate the user experience by introducing unprecedented levels of UI customisations and expanding integration possibilities.

Want to learn more? Here’s what you can do next

For all the details on the Vgreet Virtual Reception Kiosk, you can download the updated brochure here

Or, for a quick summary of the V3 update, read the V3 one-pager here

Contact our sales team today and learn how Vgreet can revolutionise your operations

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