Vpod x Moneypenny Remote Receptionists – A perfect mix of people and technology

by | Nov 18, 2020

Vpod x Moneypenny Earlier this week, ,Vpod announced a new partnership with Moneypenny. Vpod’s visitor management systems excelled at delivering first-class customer service. Adding remote receptionists could significantly improve your reception service and benefit visitor management, for the better. In this blog, we will cover why we partner with them, and how you can benefit from it.

What Is a Remote Receptionist?

A remote receptionist (or virtual receptionist) takes care of your front desk’s tasks remotely by handling incoming calls, taking messages and answering customer’s questions. Remote receptionists can ease your reception staff’s burden at busy times and still deliver a first-class service.

Why do we partner with Moneypenny?


Moneypenny combine a perfect mix of people with technology to deliver effective visitor management solutions, which is something that we are incredibly passionate about.

For us, the connected workplace cannot exist where the balance between the two is unbalanced; technology should serve as an autonomous process that keeps the office running smoothly, while people provide tailored reception services and visitor experience.

Vpod’s smart workplace technology disrupts the traditional front of house and provides companies with first-class visitor management solutions. Our work has helped the likes of Vodafone, LAX Airport and more; each solution is tailored to a customer’s needs with a return-on-investment set of savings being realised in the first year of implementation.

Moneypenny’s incredible company culture really shines through when you speak to their remote receptionists. Their friendly, professional and supportive attitude leads to a first-class concierge service to their customers; something that we believe is incredibly important in effective visitor management.

It is the marriage of people and technology that is a philosophy that both Vpod and Moneypenny share to deliver a cutting-edge service.

Both companies place customers at the forefront of their strategy, focusing on solving their customers’ challenges. In many markets, the pandemic has accelerated trends and this partnership simply meets the needs of a growing trend to drive digital transformations:

  • That delivers enhanced user experiences like Touchless and Express check-in
  • Create a safer workplace with front of house staff not having to physically meet visitors
  • Whilst at the same time giving the visitor a VIP experience

Who is Moneypenny?

Moneypenny is the world’s leading outsourced provider to small and large businesses for delivering brilliant customer conversations. Established in 2000 and based in the UK, Moneypenny’s 1000-strong team delivers telephone answering, live chat, switchboard and customer support services to over 21,000 businesses. Each and every client benefits from their unique mix of extraordinary people and ground-breaking technology to answer calls and live chat exactly as if they were based in-house.

The likelihood of you speaking with a Moneypenny remote receptionist is high; in total, more than 13,000 businesses across the UK benefit from Moneypenny’s mix of unique people and technology mix.


Benefits of using remote receptionists at your reception

1. Deliver a first-class experience

Real-time, concierge-style PAs are on hand to answer your visitor’s questions, including support with directions to the correct office, travel options, booking a cab, or any support they need.

The combination of the visitor management system’s technology and Moneypenny’s remote receptionist services means anyone visiting your building will enter the building and be signed in seamlessly, reducing traffic congestion in your reception area, and most importantly, ensuring visitors arrive at their destinations safely and on time.

2. Cost savings

Receptionist retention is one cost-saving opportunity that presents with a Vpod x Moneypenny solution. Many reception areas have just one receptionist and it can be a lonely and challenging task, with huge peaks and troughs of traffic in the early morning and evenings.

Single-person reception teamsters can:

  • Get lonely
  • Create a large staff turnover more often than multiple staff receptions
  • Cost more as when receptionists leave businesses are exposed to unscheduled recruitment, training and often uniform costs

Industry numbers show that it can cost £2,900 per replacement of a receptionist. By introducing Vgreet and Moneypenny’s remote receptionist to your reception area, you will have an engaged employee that is working as part of a central team while seeing a significant return on investment in the first year.

How do remote receptionist services work?

A visitor to your building can connect via video with a Moneypenny’s remote receptionist if they need any help. No matter the time, day or location, Moneypenny are on hand as an extension of your reception team to safely direct visitors to where they need to be.

When a visitor comes into your building with a pre-registered QR code to be scanned by Vgreet’s kiosk. However, if there are unexpected visitors or the guest has no QR code to check in, they still can be assisted by the remote receptionist.

A list of useful resources

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  3. Read more about how a digital reception system works

Want to know more about Moneypenny remote receptionist and Vgreet?

Our team would love to show you how you can achieve a Covid safe, first-class visitor management experience while making significant cost savings.

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