Vgreet Hybrid Work Software | Employee Self Service

With intuitive and intelligent technology, Vgreet for Employees is a Hybird Work Software that connects all facilities and resources for the people using the workspace – making them quickly visible, accessible and ready on demand. It poses valuable ROI to bussiness by:


  • Streamling processes and cutting operational costs
  • Upgrading workplace experience to retain talents
  • Enhancing workplace security and compliance
  • Improving efficiencies and productivities

Any Space, Any Display

A truly flexible application that can be installed on an iPad, a stand-alone kiosk, or a touch-screen tablet.


Empowering Your Employees Without Limitations

For any workflow, any device, any software, Vgreet Hybrid Work Software connects all facilities and resources for the people using the workspace, including external employee check-in, indoor wayfinding, room & desk booking, employee lockers, and help desk.


Not only the Vgreet virtual reception kiosk is fully customisable, but the system is also flexibly integrated into your building’s systems and technical stack. Visitor experiences can be customised and catered for every enterprise-grade need and can be accommodated with ease.

Room & Desk Booking

Allow employees to book or desk at a time that suits them, whilst managing a safe level of occupancy sanitisation and cleaning.

Help new or current employees – along with internal visitors – find their way around your office building safely and easily.
Help Desk

Employees can submit a ticket at the self-service kiosk, search for information, and access IT devices.

Virtual receptionist

Employees can access live video help from internal teams, your suppliers or via Vpod’s executive PAs.

Express Check in

Hybrid workers can simple check in on-site within 3 seconds.

Self Service Lockers

From the self-service kiosk, users can secure smart storage via our cloud-based smart lockers, from handling deliveries,storage, to accessing IT devices.

Visitor Pass Printing
After checking in with a QR code, visitor badges can be printed for access to specified areas.
Display maps of the building to find your way around, directly on the touchscreen or via mobile devices.

Discover a Workspace without Limitations.

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