Introducing Vgreet V3: Unlocking the future of Visitor Management

We are proud to announce an exciting update for our flagship product, Vgreet virtual reception V3! We’ll go through new features, expanded offers, and improved functions – from unparalleled customisability to enhanced security features.

Information Security Features for Virtual Reception and Smart Lockers

We will talk about Vpod’s approach to information security concerning visitor management and smart locker technology, dissect the potential risks they pose, and delve into the strategies and best practices that can be employed to safeguard sensitive information.

Vpod At Sodexo HQ: The Holistic Approach To Workplace Management

Sodexo recognised the change in employee needs within the modern workplace – a space that could facilitate real collaboration and productivity. With this core tenant in mind, they reached out to Vpod which shares the same belief that people and tech work hand-in-hand to create the ultimate workplace ecosystem.

5 Tips for Safe, Simple, and Savvy Visitor Registration

As technology advances and the workspace modernises, it’s time to look at how your own visitor registry can be optimised. Read more about how and where visitor registration software can help.

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