5 Steps to a Digital Reception

by | Nov 26, 2020

Wondering how you can keep your reception area set-up safe and secure, while still providing a first-class experience? Read on to discover the 5 steps to digital reception.


What is Digital Reception?

Digital reception is a solution that allows visitors to enter your building and arrive at their destination quickly and safely, while still delivering the best reception service. This eliminates queuing, and if visitors have questions they can ask for help and are connected to a remote digital receptionist who is able to answer questions in real time.

What are the 5 steps to a Digital Reception?

Digital reception service includes sending an invite, delivering speedy check-in, a signpost for wayfinding, redeploying your reception staff, and adding a digital receptionist for extra customer support.

1. Start with the invite


Communicate with your visitors from the moment you invite them to your office, it will help them prepare for your visit. Things to include in your invitation include:

  • Directions to your office
  • Details of the meeting host, including a photo
  • Important documents to complete before they arrive, such as health and safety or self-certification

Have you thought about pre-registration? Before your visitors enter your building, have them complete all of the admin relating to their arrival, ensuring their smooth experience when they get to you.

2. Speedy check-in


Pre-registered your visitors to check them in quickly! Speedy check-in processes are particularly favourable right now, as you can keep traffic in your reception flowing nicely without the worry of queues or crowds building up. With a speedy 3-second check-in process. with the digital reception kiosk, you should consider:

  • Security badge printing instantly
  • Informing the host of their visitor’s arrival by SMS and Email
  • Signposting your visitor to their destination with interactive maps

Your visitors will be impressed by the ease of your office processes.

3. Signpost


There is nothing worse than getting lost in an unfamiliar building.

The digital reception makes sure your visitors have the best experience by providing them with wayfinding details upon arrival. You should make visitors aware of the following:

  • Their meeting room located on a simple map
  • Which lift to take and what floor to get off
  • The nearest toilets
  • Where to get a coffee
  • The closest fire exits

4. Don’t forget the human touch

While digitising your reception, don’t forget that the human touch and personalised experience are critical. A digital reception solution comes in place to help to remove manual tasks while receptionists are delivering first-class customer service.

We recommend not just taking the efficiencies as cost savings but redeploying staff and retraining them. Upgrading your staff to provide a full meet and greet service and other more complicated tasks that cannot be automated.

5. Extra support from digital receptionist call answering

Whether you have a reception with low visitor traffic, or the reception requires extra support at peak times, you can consider having an outsourced digital receptionist for your reception.

Call answering services have the following benefits:

  • Real-time, on-demand support from the digital receptionist
  • 24/7 support regardless of time zones or building locations

Furthermore, you can still offer face-to-face customer service via a video concierge solution, using video communications as easily as audio, adding others to the call, placing people on hold, or forwarding queries.

Why install a Digital Reception?

Experience and compliance.

Digital receptions are a safe way to ensure the safety of visitors’ employees, and the security of the building, while still providing excellent service. People remember great experiences; from hotel stays and restaurant visits, why would visiting a building be any different?

What Use Cases does a Digital Reception work in?

  1. Large front-of-house teams where the building has one occupier.
  2. A single-person reception where there are multiple building tenants
  3. A single-person reception with a sole building occupier
  4. A building that has no receptionist at all however they receive visitors

Digital Receptions now cater easily for all four types when you combine your digital reception service with digital receptionists or PAs. We have analysed the challenges of different receptions and how a digital reception service can enhance the visitor journey.

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