Fixing Cluttered Chaos: How Storage Lockers Create Organised & Flexible Space

by | Oct 27, 2022

Are you wondering how you can improve productivity at your workplace? The fact is, despite many factors that have an impact on employee experience and productivity, how workplace storage is arranged is often overlooked. Today, we are discussing how a cluttered workplace could have an impact on employees’ well-being and productivity, and how electronic storage lockers can cut the clutter and have a great effect in creating an adaptable workspace to meet employee needs.

  1. The cluttered workplace
  2. How to digitise space with storage lockers
  3. Different uses of storage lockers
  4. How to fit storage lockers into office design

The Cluttered Workplace

Many of us learned the hard way. Working from home during the pandemic and adapting to a new way of working, often meant cluttered workspaces. It is easy to do when your home and work life collide. But what about the clutter in the office? As we start to adapt to more hybrid working roles and with more employees returning to the office a few times a week – the office space and environment have never been more crucial to get right.

Not only can clutter make employees feel unproductive, and distracted, and cause them to procrastinate. Clutter in the office also has a negative impact on organisations’ ability to attract customers and talent. Jane Stoller, for Forbes, writes: ‘Decluttering is important for business professionals today, especially when it comes to our mental well-being…. clutter can negatively affect your mental well-being and cause feelings of stress. There is also a close connection between clutter and procrastination.”

According to research conducted by CMD, that “all-important first impression” can make or break” what a potential client or customer thinks of your organisation as they step through the door. They write: “it was highlighted that cluttered workspace was the biggest turn off for people visiting an office. First impressions can be difficult to shift, and invariably potential recruits or new business clients are likely to perceive your business regarding the state of the office.”

Consider lockers to re-strategise your office space

At Vpod Smart Solutions, we know the value of a great first impression and the positive news is:  it’s as easy to create a great first impression as it is to create a bad one. Having the right storage solutions and smart technology can reduce the amount of cluttered office space and ensure your offices are a place people want to work and visit.

It is important to ensure that the working space you provide for your staff is organised and easy for people to use and navigate. Creating a workplace ecosystem that should motivate and inspire – helping teams work through their tasks and achieve their goals without the distraction of mess, clutter, and disorganisation.

The traditional ‘box-with-a-lock’ locker bank was clunky and came with issues such as lost keys. They did not function as furniture. Smart Storage and today’s modern personal storage lockers provide enhanced functionality – removing the issues of lost keys, and locker allocation while providing a stylish and sleek piece of furniture to your space.

Digitising space with storage lockers

Finding the best lockers for office use is a challenge of its own. Still, traditional lock-and-key staff storage lockers are less flexible and efficient when compared to digitising the storage process with intelligent lockers.

Digitising lockers provides a cost-effective solution to using smart lockers for optimising locker usage, boosting productivity, and creating more physical space in a work environment by having purpose-built banks for different workflows.

Being a versatile addition to any space, the benefits of electronic storage lockers can be seen in various ways. Digitising staff storage is not only helpful for different locker uses but also advantageous in increasing the improvement of both business and employee experiences overall, including:

  • User flexibility
  • Centralised management
  • Increased security measures through tracking capabilities
  • Reduced interruptions for improved efficiency and productivity
  • Keyless for ease of access, requiring a QR code or RFID access

Different uses of storage lockers

When applying these benefits to different types of staff storage lockers, how do they assist businesses?

Personal storage

Apart from preventing office security risks and anxieties over issues such as lost keys, office personal storage lockers provide much-needed flexibility and personal space in a dynamic workplace. It enables employees to support a hybrid working model, with the ability to book lockers in advance for when they need them. It also adds an extra security layer by letting managers access data around usage and access.

Device storage

Handing over tech devices for the IT team to retrieve has never been easier with a dedicated device storage solution. As well as having the same security measures as personal storage, device lockers are great for businesses to track their assets due to automation ─ ensuring that expensive equipment has a reduced risk of loss or theft, and IT support has 24/7 flexible access to maintain efficiency between teams.

Parcel storage

Automated parcel storage acts no differently from personal and device staff storage lockers in terms of safety. Not only are signatures for drop-offs no longer necessary due to the access measures of electronic storage lockers but having a centralised parcel management solution reduces workplace interruptions by allowing users to pick up their packages when they have free time.

Additional features that make digital, best.

1. Creative, fun, and functional

With a bit of thought to design, digital lockers can help organisations maximise their workspace functionality and make it look great. With the ability to customise lockers, the possibilities are endless from colour schemes to match branding or create moods in specific areas to fitted furniture solutions that guarantee your employee’s comfort and provide them with different types of workspaces to make the most of.

Quiet Zone: These locker banks have been fitted with a cushioned space for employees to sit and work quietly or take calls. They are hybrid lockers that are capable of many workflows. The doors range in size to fit various belongings.

electronic storage lockers


An Island with Storage: This locker bank has the dual purpose of acting as storage and a collaboration space for teams to gather. It provides a solid surface for laptops, writing and brainstorming with a group. It can also be used as a meeting space.



Lockers with Fun Built-in: This workspace has considered adding a fun element to functional storage. With a slide built into the locker bank, users can get from the second floor to the first and safely store their belongings. (Source: Dezeen)



It’s in the Details! This multipurpose locker bank is equipped with coat hangers and a design that denotes the way in which the storage can be used. The design also reflects the tech organisation that these locker banks are set in.



Partitions and Privacy: This personal storage locker bank acts as a storage space as well as a partition. This offers the desk beside it some seclusion and privacy in the office space.


2. Environmental impact

A report recently revealed that people can collectively reduce 91% of the carbon footprint caused by home delivery services in just 10 years by implementing parcel lockers.

Regulated use of parcel lockers as an out-of-home delivery service can save millions of litres of fuel, while still allowing for secure and flexible collection at the customer’s convenience ─ all while cutting down our individual and shared environmental responsibility.

Compared to traditional lockers, which have less flexibility for users and require more maintenance around key cutting and space usage, electronic storage lockers are a sustainable solution that can be applied across multiple industries in various ways that benefit a lot of people.

3. Return on investment

As well as assisting in sustainable growth, electronic storage lockers help businesses by saving 30% on costs and space and being adaptable to workflows that require different software integrations. They provide workplace productivity through its benefits ─ making it a self-service technology that assists both the organisation and its people.


To summarise, digitising staff storage lockers offers additional support to any workspace, with many benefits to businesses. This includes:

  • Increasing workplace flexibility and security
  • Providing an adaptable solution to hybrid working models
  • Improving employee productivity by automating multiple processes
  • Offering a sustainable solution for businesses seeking greener alternatives for their workplace storage

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