4 Steps to Improve Visitor Management’s Digital Efficiency

by | Feb 08, 2021

Last week we announced a series of calculators to help you improve your workplace efficiency. In today’s blog, we’ll break down the digital efficiency calculator and how to use it.

What is Digital Efficiency?

Digital efficiency does not only mean getting the latest technology but embracing a solution that can help organisations constantly adapt and evolve with an ever-changing marketplace (Source: Dexterous).

The concept of Digital Efficiency is based on removing manual processes and parts of workflows that require multiple touches. Digital efficiency can be improved by challenging every workflow step, process and data source. The data source we mean here is the manual process involved in managing visitor’s detail.

We developed the digital efficiency tool to help you assess if you are running your visitor management efficiently. Here are 3 simple steps to access.

1. Pre-register your visitors


Many organisations simply send a Google or Outlook invitation to a visitor; if you’re looking to identify and improve your digital efficiency, you must do more than add someone to a meeting booking and hit send.

The Real Estate and Facilities industries are leading the pack to make the workplace more productive, and send intuitive invites that include:

  • Google Map directions to help your visitor find the office
  • Address details
  • Contact details and a photograph of the host
  • A QR code for express check-in

The benefits of pre-registering your visitors

1. 100% visitor coverage without changing any processes

  • All the visitor details in Outlook populate room and desk booking systems we integrate with
  • Advanced digital visitor management systems, like Vgreet, pull the visitor data straight from Outlook

2. 100% visitor capture without re-keying the details

  • This removes manual tasks from Front of House/reception staff
  • Front of House staff can be repurposed for more efficient tasks
  • Upgrade your staff to concierge-style meet and greet, offering true white glove service

3. Add self-health checks and compliance videos to the invite


2. Improve Check-In Experience





Once a visitor has pre-registered for their visit, completed the necessary documentation and received a QR code for check-in, they’re ready for their visit and the next stage of visitor management is presented: check-in.

The QR code that your visitor received during pre-registration enables a touchless 3-second arrival and check-in.

Express check-in allows visitors to be processed quickly and move through your reception and to their meetings.








3. Customise Workflows for different visitor personas

Depending on the type of business you operate and how many people enter your building on any given day, you may find it useful to create visitor personas to be able to provide a tailored experience to different people. Does every visitor type need the same processes? Examples include:

  • A regular contractor
  • A first-time visitor
  • A hybrid worker arriving in a new building
  • The key here is understanding who is in your building:
  • Having tracked 100% of visitors, track and trace digital records are robust
  • Improved visitor experience, delivering customised digital workflows for each persona






Finding out your digital efficiency allows you to know how joined-up your digital processes are, which makes a huge difference to:

  • Employee and visitor safety
  • To your visitor experience
  • To the efficiency of your building
  • To the compliance levels and risk removal
  • To your employee and visitor productivity

Use our FREE digital efficiency calculator here to check your organisation’s digital efficiency.

Want to find out more about improving your visitor management’s digital efficiency? Contact us!

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