The Best Visitor Management Open Source

How to choose the best open source visitor management system?

There are a number of visitor management systems available

In today’s market, there are many different open-source visitor management systems and free visitor management solutions. However, at Vpod, we focus on:


  • Creating a great first impression for visitors
  • Reducing staff pressure at peak times and the related staff coverage costs
  • Delivering a more efficient process that can be completed in as little as 3 seconds
  • Delivering the best visitor experience
  • Reducing manual processes and implementing a digital visitor management

Definition of Visitor Management System

First, Let’s explain the concept of implementing visitor management. There are different types of visitors coming to one corporation’s office, including contractors, employees, prospective new hires, delivery drivers, customers, business partners and cleaners. Organisations take a different approach to identifying different types of visitors, and record their visits to ensure the building’s safety.

Traditional visitor management


For some small-sized corporations where visitor management is not in place with unmanned reception, meaning visitors are directly greeted by the office employees or security guards.

For organisations that take a traditional visitor management approach, the process usually takes place at the reception desk where visitors are checked in by reception staff. Visitors sign in a paper-based visitor book, and the receptionist will manually key in their details into the system and notify the host of their visitors’ arrival.

However, the problems of open-source visitor management systems can be:

  • Visitors are lost in the building
  • Congest reception
  • Visitors are taking a journey through security barriers
  • The visitor management system can’t integrate with other systems
  • Still require a manual process
  • Staff pressure with unpredictable visitor traffic
Modern Visitor Management System


Visitor management systems are used to streamline organisations’ visitor management processes, using technology to monitor and record visitor information. By combining people and technology, an effective visitor management system can benefit the business in 4 ways:

  • Increase the efficiency of your workplace – Removing manual processes
  • Improve workplace productivity – meetings always start on time.
  • Cut cost out of the processes to reduce wastage
  • Improve workplace safety – physical and psychological in the post-pandemic workplace.

Modern visitor management system uses software, hardware, and database to record and analyse visitor data, and provides customised workflow and integration options to make visitor management seamless and efficient. The features include:

  • Impress your visitors from a meeting invitation
  • Touchless and express visitor sign-in
  • Decongest reception
  • Include more features, such as wayfinding, host notification, pre-registration, thermal imagining, voice activator, motion sensors, and virtual receptionist.
  • Visitor management software integration

Key Areas To Consider While Choosing Open Source Visitor Management

Visitor Experience

  • Does this open-source visitor management system deliver the full visitor experience from door to floor?
  • Can they send out a branded email to visitor containing host details and Google map directions to your office?
  • Do your visitors get a branded meeting invite with pre-registration and QR code to check-in in 3 seconds?
  • Do your visitors still get lost after checking in to your building?
  • Does this open source visitor management system integrate with the building’s other systems and complement them?
  • Do they integrate with your access control or meeting room booking system?
  • Are your hosts aware of visitor’s arrival immediately without your reception team contacting them?
  • Does this open source visitor management system still rely on manual processes? Such as re-keying updated visitor details?

Increasing Efficiency

Workplace Safety

  • Do free visitor management system deliver touchless check-in?
  • Do they still rely on a manual process such as signs and tape?
  • Can they deal with huge fluctuations in traffic and minimise congested receptions?
  • Do they help security with access control and visitor identification methods?
  • Can they provide self-health certifications or temperature screening?
  • Do they allow you to re-purpose or move staff to safer locations?
  • Can they integrate with multiple visitor management solution providers?
  • Can they help recover the cost of static employee numbers and fluctuating visitor traffic?
  • A single point of failure will lead to a bad impression on your business
  • Are you making your workplace more efficient, productive, and safer? With a fast Return On Investment?

Increasing Efficiency

A Simple Summary of Visitor Management Open Sources

We have discussed how to choose the best visitor sign-in systems including the options of visitor management open sources, here is a quick summary.

The global pandemic has changed the purpose of the workplace, Organisations need to build a more adaptable and resilient workplace. The primary purposes of workplaces will be:


  1. Collaborating with colleagues, with the crucial key social benefits, zoom and teams don’t deliver.
  2. Going in to meet key prospects and customers for key meetings.
Is Visitor Management System Free in reality?


A visitor management open source doesn’t actually save cost, why do we say that?

The cost of damaging your business reputation, and breaking GDPR and social distancing guidelines, are far more expensive than a free visitor management system.


  • Visitor management open sources don’t deliver the full visitor experience from door to floor.
  • They failed to deliver a more efficient workplace. Such as integrating with access control, meeting room booking, desk booking, or any other systems in your building.
  • A free visitor management system cannot deliver a touchless visitor sign-in.
  • Same as using a visitor book, they relied on a manned presence – that could not deal with the unpredictable and fluctuating visitor traffic.
  • They weren’t customisable, either from a module point of view, adding elements/modules.
  • Or from a journey and changing circumstance point of view.

Vgreet Visitor Management System

Vgreet visitor management system is the key to an intuitive, connected workplace.

By streamlining your manual tasks, your reception staff can now focus on providing more personalised professional services.

Vgreet visitor management system is designed to be fully customised and integrated with meeting room booking, access control system, Microsoft Outlook, and your other systems in the building.


Let’s think more than saving money with free open sources.