8 Key Considerations to Enhance Visitor Management Experience

by | Jul 13, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, organisations across various industries strive to provide a seamless and secure Visitor Management Experience. From office buildings to retail stores and healthcare facilities, the effective management of visitors is crucial for maintaining security, efficiency, and a positive impression.

Integrating visitor management and smart storage solutions offers numerous benefits for organisations in enhancing the visitor journey. The advantages are significant from streamlined check-in processes to improved security and operational efficiency.

This article will explore the benefits of integrating these solutions and highlight the importance of a consultative approach in achieving a successful implementation and return on investment (ROI).

Enhance the overall visitor experience and establish a secure and safe environment that people want to come back to again in the future. 


1. Easy Check-in Process:

Lengthy paperwork and waiting times are outdated, so organisations and facility management turn to automated visitor management solutions. And you can go one step further and integrate with smart storage – no more coat rooms and tickets needed, just a streamlined option for people to conveniently and effectively store their belongings. With technology like this, you can simplify and expedite the whole check-in process, reduce waiting times, and enhance overall visitor satisfaction.

How to measure

  • The time it takes for visitors to check in and check out using the solution compared to previous manual processes.
  • The number of visitors who utilise pre-registration or self-service options compared to the overall visitor count.

2. Enhanced Security

Security is a top priority for any business. A robust visitor management service helps maintain a safe environment by verifying visitor identities, conducting background checks, and controlling access to specific areas. Furthermore, integration between visitor management and smart storage solutions strengthens security measures, ensuring that only authorised individuals can retrieve stored items, as well as the organisation having the ability to review storage space used for longer than anticipated. This improves trust in the visitor management experience.

How to measure

The occurrence of security incidents or unauthorised access before and after implementing the visitor management and smart storage solutions.

3. Integration with Existing Systems

Integrations allow systems and software to enhance each other’s capabilities. It drives improved data, operational efficiencies, and enhanced experiences. To ensure seamless operations and data flow, seek solutions that integrate with existing security systems, such as access control systems, desk booking, and employee directories.

Integrated solutions optimise operational efficiency by automating processes and minimising manual intervention. Visitor data, such as check-in details and storage assignments, can be seamlessly shared between systems, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and reducing the risk of errors. This streamlines administrative tasks, saves time, and enables staff to focus on more critical responsibilities.

Visitors appreciate the convenience of a unified process where they can efficiently manage both their check-in and storage needs. This cohesive user experience enhances visitor satisfaction, leaves a positive impression, and contributes to a stronger brand image.

How to measure

  • The success of integration by assessing the ease of data exchange and information flow between different systems. A smooth integration process and improved workflow efficiency indicate the effectiveness and can be quantified as time saved and improved data accuracy.
  • Capture feedback from your visitors post-visit.

4. Customisation and Branding

Visitor management solutions that offer bespoke customisation options allow organisations to incorporate their logos, colours, and visual elements into the check-in process, visitor badges, and how smart storage is wrapped. This gives a better and more professional impression of your brand.

How to measure

While measuring ROI for customisation may be challenging, a consistent brand experience can contribute to increased visitor satisfaction and positive brand perception.


Data report of the visior list

5. Visitor Reporting

Visitor management systems enable organisations to generate reports on visitor statistics, such as the number of visitors, demographics, and visit duration.

How to measure

This valuable data can be used for occupancy planning, resource allocation, catering provision, and security analysis. Reporting enables proactive decision-making, enhances operational insights, and contributes to continuous process improvement.

6. Notification and Alerts

Visitor management systems that send email notifications or alerts to employees when their visitors arrive facilitate effective communication and coordination for everybody involved.

How to measure

Employee feedback on the usefulness of these notifications in improving preparedness for meetings and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

7. Data Integrity, Privacy and Compliance

Visitor management solutions that adhere to data protection standards and ensure secure storage and handling of visitor information mitigate data privacy and compliance risks.

Sensitive visitor information remains protected and secure throughout the entire visitor journey, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

How to measure

Assess compliance with regulations such as GDPR and ISO27001; quantify potential legal and regulatory risk reduction, as well as savings on insurance premiums.


Vgreet Visitor Management Kiosk

8. Scalability and Flexibility

Evaluate how well the visitor management solution accommodates organisational growth, changes in visitor volume, or evolving security requirements.

How to measure

The ease of scalability and flexibility by assessing the system’s ability to adapt to new needs or locations. Improved scalability and flexibility contribute to long-term cost savings and improved operational agility.


Vflex Smart Locker System


Organisations today strive to provide an efficient, secure, and user-friendly Visitor Management Experience. When looking to implement a visitor management system that fits your organisation’s culture and best solves your challenges, look for solutions that enable the following:

  1. Easy check-in process
  2. Pre-registration
  3. Enhanced security
  4. Data privacy
  5. Visitor tracking and reporting
  6. Integration with the existing system
  7. Effective communication
  8. Customisation
  9. Self-service options
  10. Scalability

With an optimised Visitor Management Experience, organisations can create a lasting, positive impression on visitors while ensuring high-quality security and efficiency.

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