Vpod & Relogix: Making data-driven decisions to improve workplace experiences

by | Apr 01, 2022

[London, UK] Today, Vpod Smart Solutions announced a new partnership with Relogix. This partnership aligns with both companies’ commitments to building a human-centric workplace that understands the need of its people as well as building an end-to-end user experience that makes day-to-day life at work easier.

“Vpod are excited to be working with Relogix as it strengthens the combined workplace eco-system by providing advanced data insights. Not only aggregation but the ability for actual data scientists to help our customers translate the data, helping them to make better, informed decisions on their workplace strategy.” – Sam Farrant, Managing Director at Vpod Smart Solutions.

From virtual concierge solutions, multi-purpose hybrid lockers and now insightful workplace data, Vpod and Relogix combine leading smart workplace technologies and data analytics to create a connected, streamlined and efficient workplace.

“We are excited to announce our collaboration with Vpod which will further Relogix position in the workplace analytics market. Aligned with our vision to help companies understand how people use their space today so they can give it purpose tomorrow, the collaboration between Vpod and Relogix will bring our shared customers tremendous insights about how visitors utilizing their workspace behave, driving decisions on how to improve the overall experience.” – Jeff Bennett, President of Relogix.

The partnership will enable data-driven insights for businesses to drive efficiencies and risk management whilst driving world-class experiences for both employees and visitors through the understanding of how people use and experience the workplace.

About Vpod: Vpod designs human-centric solutions and creates tools that solve everyday problems in the workplace. Powered by intelligent, intuitive and responsive technology, we deliver the ultimate user experience from reception to the meeting room. We make lives easier.

Established in 2008, Vpod is a small team that focuses on providing our customers with the best workplace solutions. Find out more at:

To learn more, visit: www.vpodsmartsolutions.com

About Relogix: Relogix empowers productive work from anywhere. Relogix provides insightful, actionable and predictive workplace analytics so companies can create better experiences for their people.

Founded in 2010, Relogix is focused on solving customer outcomes by combining data and technology.

To learn more, visit: www.relogix.com

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