Vpod x Keynius At Orgatec: Redefining New Visions of Work

by | Nov 03, 2022

About Orgatec

On 24th October, Team Vpod set off from the UK and flew to Cologne.

A city famous for its gothic cathedral and liberal attitudes, we looked forward to spending a few days exploring the city before heading over to Orgatec 2022. Alongside our partner Keynius, we would exhibit our solutions and look forward to networking with many across the industry. This year’s theme at Orgatec was ‘New Visions of Work’- an important topic in this ever-changing landscape. With over 670 exhibitors and an estimated 51,000 trade visitors, Team Vpod was excited for the week to come.

Behind the scenes

Have you met Mariusz yet? He’s our Install & Service Engineer. Here he was setting up the Vgreet so it was ready for live demos the following day. Vgreet is a Visitor Management and Virtual Reception Kiosk that streamlines the workplace and revolutionises Front of House services – through our powerful integration, it works seamlessly alongside our Vflex Smart Lockers.


The team was demonstrating Vgreet and the powerful integration to Vflex Lockers to fulfil clients’ Visitor Management and Employee Management needs. People were blown away by how the two interacted, especially around how the Vgreet seamlessly checks people into workspaces.

The best bits

Guy: Returning to Orgatec after 4 years gave me the opportunity to reconnect with partners and clients and update them on our workplace solutions and the strides, we have made to flex our technologies to the ever-changing user experience demanded by the future of work.

Jamie: I had a fantastic time in Cologne for Orgatec with our partner Keynius! It gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of new partners and clients to showcase our Vgreet and Vflex products. I found it incredibly intriguing to see what other companies are doing to adapt to the future of the workplace with many innovative ideas and products on show!

Getting involved in the Culture

Team Vpod explored Cologne by night and enjoyed some tasty snacks (along with plenty of Beers 🍻) along the way! Our team was a big fan of German Weiss Beer and managed to eat a few too many currywurst during the week.

That’s a wrap

Here we are at the end of the week, wrapping up our demos and gathering for a team photo.

We appreciate this valuable opportunity to share our industry knowledge with partners from research, architecture, as well as retail and wholesale – a fabulous time was had by all!

With Keynius, we will continue leading the smart storage solutions to unlock a better workplace experience.

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