Vpod at Clerkenwell Design Week

by | May 30, 2022

Last week, we launched our new showroom to exhibit our smart solutions at Clerkenwell Design Week – the UK’s leading independent design festival. Having taken place over three days, the event attracted designers and industry workers from around the world to discover new topics and trends within the sector.

As experts in workplace experience, we hosted an innovation centre dedicated to modern workplace technologies that contribute to designing spaces efficiently, whilst keeping employee needs at the forefront to make workflows even easier in a time where flexibility at work is key.

Over all three days, the showroom was open to showcase our products which are designed to help transform workplaces with smarter solutions. Our events also included two panel discussions about the future of work – led by industry experts in design, workplace experience, and facilities management – as well as book signings by our guest speaker, Simone Fenton-Jarvis, author of ‘The Human-Centric Workplace’. We even held an evening of entertainment with DJs, food, and drinks on day two – where guests enjoyed networking and a variety of music to suit all tastes – before winding down on day three to provide further visitors with quality information and knowledge on our solutions.

Event highlights

1. Panel discussions

Topics: “Why the Future of Work is Human” and “Future way of Working and its Impact on Physical Space”


  • Simone Fenton-Jarvis – Author of ‘The Human Centric Workplace’, Director of Customer Workplace Solutions at Relogix
  • Sam Farrant – Former MD at Vpod Smart Solutions
  • Simon Cohen – VP Partners at Condeco
  • Ali Khan – COO at Shape
  • Tara Hack – Principal Design at Woodalls Design
  • Freddie Pritchard-Smith – Co-Founder at Trustek

2. An evening of entertainment: Bring your own vinyl

Showcased products

1. Multi-purpose smart lockers

Our Hybrid Lockers, Vflex, combine quality manufacturing, intelligent design, and a cloud-based platform that supports multiple workflows. They minimise the need for multiple locker banks, thereby saving space and cost.

The smart locker platform is also designed to integrate with existing smart locks where customers have a mixed estate of different locker types. Vflex Smart Lockers is a flexible, complete solution that can be bespoke to meet an organisation’s needs.

Download the brochure here

2. Vgreet virtual reception

Vgreet is the key to unlocking barriers and creating a connected workplace ecosystem. It welcomes visitors and guests at the reception and makes their visit easy, leaving them with a great first impression. Vgreet streamlines the entire process and cuts complexities. It can support and free up reception staff, provide assistance to visitors when no staff is available, and if necessary, Vgreet can run reception without staff entirely.

Download the brochure here

3. Dialog video concierge

Dialog is a unique video call routing platform that works similarly to audio contact centre systems where native video calls can be routed in the same fast and convenient way as audio.

Dialog allows organisations to centralise key functions such as reception, help desk, security, and other face-to-face functions. With videos being routed to a specific department, it puts users in a queue if no one is available, forwards calls, allows users to be placed on hold or transferred, and adds others on the fly.

Download the brochure here


We want to say a massive THANK YOU to all the partners, visitors, and the team who made everything possible! It was a pleasure speaking to you all, and we look forward to more opportunities like this where we can thrive through collaboration and sharing of industry knowledge.


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