Vpod at Carlisle Innovation Lab 2023

by | Feb 28, 2023

As experts in workplace experience, Vpod were invited to this year’s Innovation Lab, held in Manchester by Carlisle Support Services. This event allows companies to showcase their products to customers, and how they are developing and demonstrating modern innovation.

Carlisle Support Services is a leading provider of Security and Soft FM solutions within the UK. With annual revenues of circa £117m, and employing some 4,750 personnel to deliver frontline operations, it’s widely known for its Transport, Healthcare, Retail, and Event-related sector-based services.

The annual Innovation Lab hosts various expert speakers to address the developing financial crisis, skills shortages, shifting workforce demographics, and several other subjects relating to Facilities Management and workplace innovation.

Showcased products

Vpod provided both a Carlisle Innovation Lab Vgreet Virtual Reception Kiosk and Vflex Smart Locker units. We displayed both throughout the event in a great setup to match our branding and message, which was reflective of the attention it brought during the event.

Event highlights

Vpod were able to demonstrate the fantastic array of services that our solutions provide to support Guests, Contractors, and Employees. This event gave Vpod the platform to showcase the sheer power of how fantastic journeys can ease friction in the workplace for a number of Carlisle clients and different job roles in the audience.



A quote from Vpod personnel at the event:

“Carlisle Support Services gave Vpod the platform to showcase a number of key journeys to support customers which hadn’t been present at this event before. We were suitably impressed with the target audience and managed to gain some real interest using our solutions from a guest, contractor and man guarding point of view”.


We want to thank Carlisle, the partners, visiting delegates, and the team who made everything possible! It was a pleasure speaking to you all, and we look forward to more opportunities like this where we can thrive through collaboration and sharing industry knowledge.

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