HID Global x Vpod Smart Solutions: Reinvent the Relationship Between Security and Visitor Experience

by | Nov 29, 2021

LONDON, UK: Vpod Smart Solutions announced a new partnership with HID Global (HID). In a successful project combining innovative visitor and access management technologies, the two organizations delivered a unique solution to transform the front of house operations of a European-based, global financial services institution. By partnering, HID and Vpod plan to support organizations returning to corporate facilities with safe and streamlined digital lobbies.

Together, Vpod and HID combine the best in Visitor Management Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM), and uniquely integrate both physical and digital systems to strengthen security while creating a more efficient front of house service.

“It is really exciting working with HID, who have such a strong global footprint, outstanding customer base and market leading solutions. Our digital lobby visions are very much aligned, and collaboration has real value to our joint customers looking to improve their front-of-house processes”

Paul Twitchell, Director of Sales and Global Alliances at Vpod Smart Solutions

“Together with Vpod, our customers can blend solutions in ways that create remarkable digital-lobby experiences. Our partnership was born out of a recent project for a global financial services institution which initially required the safe return-to-work of employees, visitors, contractors and more. In a combined vision, we used this as a catalyst to rethink and modernise the organization’s existing solutions for managing these identities and their access to facilities”, said Andrew Bull, EMEA Sales Director at HID Global. “We look forward to how our combined offerings can help set an example for modern, human-centric workplaces”.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • A first-class, memorable user experience for both visitors and guests.
  • Pairing the HID SAFE software with unique front-lobby devices to offer employees and visitors a quality experience every time they enter the office.
  • Streamlining pre-visit processes, enabling access analytics, simplifying compliance, and much more with a complete, end-to-end visitor management solution.
  • Helping businesses balance security with the experiential needs of anyone entering a company lobby.
  • Vpod Solution’s ability to easily integrate with a diverse ecosystem of software to streamline processes, relieve tedious tasks

About Vpod

Vpod is dedicated to making lives easier. We combine people and technology to create unique tech solutions in digital visitor management. Established in 2008, we’re a small team that focuses on providing our customers with the very best workplace solutions. https://vpodsmartsolutions.com/

About HID Global

HID make it possible for people to transact safely, work productively and travel freely. Our trusted identity solutions give people convenient access to physical and digital places and connect things that can be identified, verified and tracked digitally. We work with governments, educational institutions, hospitals, financial institutions, industrial businesses and some of the most innovative companies on the planet.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, HID Global has over 4,000 employees worldwide and operates international offices that support more than 100 countries. HID Global is an ASSA ABLOY Group brand. For more information, visit www.hidglobal.com.

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