Is Your FOH Service Delivering the Value They Promised?

Are you using a FOH service for your reception? Or are you looking to introduce one? Before you choose to invest, Vpod’s workplace experts would like to share some useful knowledge to help you make an informed decision.

FOH service providers often promise concierge services with first-class customer care, either by sending in-house staff or recruiting talented receptionists for their clients.

True concierge service requires a competent team who specialises in matters of ‘personal assistance’ and luxurious experiences. It’s a vital part of customer service and is the first point of contact between guests and the organisation. FOH staff accommodate guests, make visits enjoyable and uphold a company’s reputation by demonstrating organisational values.

The issue is that FOH providers easily mistake quantity for quality.

More people,
Less efficiency.

Is your FOH service provider delivering the efficiency they promised?

When a client site is facing a large volume of visitors, FOH service providers often choose to increase the headcount at the reception desk to cover times of peak traffic.

However, visitor traffic is unpredictable and can vary from day to day, so this strategy easily results in an either overstaffed or understaffed reception that can’t always function efficiently.

Ask yourself: If several people in your reception area are doing the exact same jobs (I.e. manually collecting visitor details, handling deliveries, making calls to inform the host, etc.) is this truly an efficient approach?

Are They Scared To Change?

Okay, you want to shake things up and improve the way your reception works, so you get a FOH service provider in place to support you in this change – great! But… why does everything still look and feel the same? Is your FOH service provider scared of change?

You looked into a self-service reception option, but did they tell you it replaces the human touch?

The truth is, people and technology working hand in hand is the key to creating a connected workplace ecosystem. By incorporating technology into your Front of House, you can ensure the following:

  1. Your processes are streamlined and efficient.
  2. Your receptionists are not burdened with a heavy manual task load.
  3. Your visitors have an excellent experience from check-in to exit, on every site.
  1. You are complying with safety and GDPR regulations at ease.
  2. Important data about the usage of your office building is being collected and can inform big decisions and business changes.

Traditional VS. Modern Front of House Service

Let’s compare the traditional ways of running a Front of House against the more modern ways made capable by technologies. Which looks more like your FOH service?

You don’t get a second chance

to make a first impression…

The hidden costs & the excessive cost of inefficiency

Without the right approach, you are not saving any money.

The administrative cost behind reception tasks are always mounting if your receptionists are burdened with heavy manual task loads.

Let’s assume one receptionist makes £15/hour, processes 200 visitors a month, and takes 6 minutes to check one visitor in
= That equals 20 hours per month spent on checking visitors in
= In total, £300/month per receptionist wasted on the manual tasks

Without a streamlined process in place, the hidden cost also includes brand reputation damage, GDPR breach, lost in operational efficiency and job satisfaction.

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Mitie Case Study Video.

Your Reception, Your Way: With Vgreet.

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  • Reducing administrative costs
  • Enhancing security and compliance
  • Delivering a memorable end-to-end experience that goes beyond visitors checking in
  • Improving efficiencies by streamlining manual processes while keeping the human interactions
  • Taking a truly tailored and flexible approach that adapts and evolves with the organisation

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